Rivers, Hangovers and Lapland

October 30, 2013|

I’ll have to apologize that this post will lack the focus that the previous ones have had but there’s a very good reason for it: I also lack focus today! I lost the focus yesterday when I was out for a couple of beers with other Finnish indie game developers (and had a great time Read More »

Dev Update #2

May 16, 2013|

Welcome to the second official dev update of Legend of Grimrock 2! For the past weeks we have been progressing at a steady pace towards our goal looming in the horizon, the first playable alpha. I’ll go through some of the major events that have happened in development. First of all we got a new Read More »

Dev Update!

April 25, 2013|

Time flies when you’re working hard on something and, oh man, have we been working hard lately. It’s time for a first proper dev update for Legend of Grimrock 2! The codebase has been in quite a bad shape after working so furiously on the first game. So I’ve been doing a lot of code Read More »

Scrapped Game Designs

March 21, 2013|

During the past weeks we have been brainstorming and prototyping ideas for LoG2. During this process it is important to keep an open mind to have the creative fluids flowing, so we have tried to not restrict ourselves too much. Many game designs were tried and at least three different storylines were written before nailing Read More »

Refactoring The Object System

February 26, 2013|

Welcome to the first development update of Grimrock 2! In this post I’m going to talk about a big internal change under the hood of the engine. The discussion should be especially interesting to modders. A small disclaimer before we get started: many things that we talk about in these updates are work in progress, Read More »

Dungeon Editor Feature List

September 5, 2012|

We realized that we really haven’t listed the Dungeon Editor’s features and capabilities in any single place clearly so hey, why not compile a list here. This should give you a better overall picture about what you can create with the editor. Let me switch on my marketing droid -mode here for a moment… There! Read More »

Making of Grimrock: Intro Sequence

July 12, 2012|

Editor’s Note: For the next couple of weeks we are going to feature a set of articles that should shed some light on how Legend of Grimrock was made. The articles range from graphics and animation to sound design and programming. For gamers or hobbyists we hope to give you some idea what game development Read More »

Dungeon Editor is in Alpha!

July 4, 2012|

Hello everyone! Let’s kick things off in this weekly update with a small announcement: Legend of Grimrock is now available through GamersGate as well so if you haven’t gotten yours already, there’s now another way to get it (although I do have a feeling that I’m preaching to the choir here)! And then let’s continue Read More »