Meet the Team: Jykä

September 19, 2013|

Jykä the coffee maker has been animating some hot and delicious coffee into the pan and is now ready for some blogging time! Please introduce yourself! Name is Jyri (Jykä) Leppänen and I’m the latest addition to this awesome humans crew and hoping to be equally awesome someday. My primary objectives are to make coff…to Read More »

Meet the Team: Jyri

August 23, 2013|

Alright, this has been a long time coming… I’ve worked at AH for about a year now and haven’t written anything to the blog! Naturally I should introduce myself before I start blabbing about other things so the guys threw me some interview type questions and I went on to answer them. Please introduce yourself! Hello Read More »

The Almost Human Team

July 14, 2011|

If you’re just dying to know who are the geniuses behind a masterpiece of such grandeur as Legend of Grimrock, this post is for you! Almost Human Ltd. is a Finnish indie game studio founded in the beginning of the year 2011 by four foolhardy game developers with loads of games industry experience but close Read More »