I know it’s Thursday so it’s a little early for our usual weekly update but we have Easter holidays here on Friday and next Monday. And I can tell you that it feels good to have an extended weekend off after a long period of intense working!

As many of you have probably noticed, some reviews have started trickling in and so far we have been quite pleased with them overall. I’ll add a few interesting ones here to this post… That way we don’t even have to write nearly as much as we otherwise should because with the magic of Hypertext Markup Language (aka HTML) and linking and video embedding we can leech off of content provided by others! Isn’t the Internet neat? :)

Rock, Paper, Shotgun seemed to like the game very much. Although I’ll have to add that we do have a scroll where the resurrection of characters is explained very early in the game but I admit that it can be easy to dismiss the scroll or simply just forget about it. :) GameSpy gave us a pretty generous score and they seemed to appreciate its replayability too. And if you’re not familiar with the game or the genre (or if you know someone like this), the best sort of overview this far has quite possibly been the Elder Geek’s video review:
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