Grimrock 2 Update 2.1.13

October 22, 2014|
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We have just released a patch that updates Legend of Grimrock 2 to version 2.1.13. The patch fixes multiple issues, including some crash bugs, so it’s recommended that everybody updates to the latest version. Steam version: the game should automatically update soon. If the game does not update in a few hours, restarting the Steam Read More »

Legend of Grimrock Update 1.3.7

February 13, 2013|

We have just updated Legend of Grimrock to version 1.3.7. The update fixes a few compatibility issues in Windows and Mac versions. The update is now live in Steam and should update automatically soon for all Steam users. If you have the standalone version of the game for Windows, you can download a patch that Read More »

Patch 1.1.4 Released

April 20, 2012|

Hi there, time for the first patch! The patch mainly fixes some bugs and improves compatibility on some more exotic systems, but we managed to slip in a few new features too. Fans of quick save/load should be pleased now and we also threw in volume sliders which has been a pretty popular request. But Read More »

Launch Week Update

April 13, 2012|

Wow! What a week. All of the keys on our keyboards have worn down to nubs from typing up a billion emails, forum posts, interviews and whatnot. But we’ve been doing something else too besides banging on our keyboards: we released a game! If you didn’t grab Legend of Grimrock during the pre-order, you can Read More »