Dungeon Editor Release Date

October 3, 2012|

Thanks to our never tiring public beta testers we have been extremely busy at work for the past weeks. We have been going through the massive amount of feedback, fixing bugs, adding features, and doing general polishing to the Dungeon Editor. And finally it’s ready and we are ready to give a release date…

We need your help

September 12, 2012|

We have now been working on the Dungeon Editor and modding capabilities effectively for almost four months. From the get-go we knew that there would be lots of work ahead of us, because many things were hardcoded and we didn’t have a level editor when we were originally working on the game. Even so it Read More »

Dungeon Editor Feature List

September 5, 2012|

We realized that we really haven’t listed the Dungeon Editor’s features and capabilities in any single place clearly so hey, why not compile a list here. This should give you a better overall picture about what you can create with the editor. Let me switch on my marketing droid -mode here for a moment… There! Read More »

Dungeon Editor in Beta!

August 31, 2012|

When I was helping Petri to test the compatibility of save games made in different versions of custom dungeons, a stupid (and completely unrelated) idea dawned unto me. In this video, you can see the manifestation of the idea (I sincerely hope you can forgive me…): It’s a step sequencer which is a technique used Read More »

Dungeon Editor is in Alpha!

July 4, 2012|

Hello everyone! Let’s kick things off in this weekly update with a small announcement: Legend of Grimrock is now available through GamersGate as well so if you haven’t gotten yours already, there’s now another way to get it (although I do have a feeling that I’m preaching to the choir here)! And then let’s continue Read More »

Dungeon Editor Sneak Peek

June 27, 2012|

So, here’s a small video preview of how the dungeon editor works. In the video I go over the basic functionality of the editor and show off some of its features and try to produce at least partially intelligible English with my mandibles. We can’t wait to see what you can come up with when Read More »

Update and Future Plans

June 20, 2012|

Hi guys! Apologies for the lack of blog post lately. We have been to work for a couple of weeks already but the work has been somewhat uneventful as we have been chugging along with the editor so there has not been much to talk about. But a time for an update is certainly overdue, Read More »


May 16, 2012|

Hi guys! The editor is progressing nicely and we have almost reached the point where it’s possible to rebuild the Grimrock dungeon with the editor. Some convenience features are still missing, e.g. multiselect, and the game does not yet support loading custom made dungeons. The editor also needs a lot more testing. After this initial Read More »