So, here’s a small video preview of how the dungeon editor works. In the video I go over the basic functionality of the editor and show off some of its features and try to produce at least partially intelligible English with my mandibles.

We can’t wait to see what you can come up with when you can get to work with the editor! Also in other news, we were nominated in the Best European Indie Game category at European Games Award and the entry with the most votes wins and we still have a chance to catch up with Minecraft’s votes! You know what to do!

Oh, and one more thing: as you might’ve noticed this and previous weeks’ updates have been on Wednesdays. This is because so we won’t always have a late Friday panic when everyone is trying to switch into weekend mode while there’s still some blogging to do! We’re gonna try out this schedule for a while and see how it goes. :)

PS. Today I learned that making screencasts is hard work.

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