Asset Pack

This pack contains the original Legend of Grimrock assets. You may use, modify and distribute these assets in Legend of Grimrock mods. The redistributed assets must be contained in a package file (. شتوتغارت ضد يونيون برلين dat file) generated by the Dungeon Editor. Any other use, commercial or non-commercial, for these assets is forbidden. مسابقات حقيقية لربح المال

From time to time we may update the contents of the asset pack. Therefore you may not redistribute or mirror the asset pack or any of the assets contained within, except as packaged into a mod as explained above. For more details see Modding and Asset Usage Terms.

Download Asset Pack (250 MB)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I open model and animation files?

The model and animation files use custom file formats. Almost Human does not provide tools for opening and creating these file formats (we don’t have resources to support every 3D modeling software out there). Instead we provide specifications so that anybody can write importers/exporters for these formats. The specs can be found here.

Where are the wav files?

Unfortunately we don’t have rights to redistribute and let others modify sound files that we have licensed from a third party. You may still refer to the original Legend of Grimrock sound files contained in the main game archive from your scripts.

How can I use the object definitions? 365 رياضة

The object definition scripts in the scripts folder are meant to be used as a reference. It is recommended that you don’t copy-paste the definitions directly to your mod. Instead you should use the cloneObject() function (see Asset Definition Reference). With cloneObject() you can clone an existing object and modify only those fields which are important for your new object. For example, if you’d like to make a new dagger with higher attack power, clone the existing dagger object and override its attackPower field, like this:

	name = "magic_dagger",
	baseObject = "dagger",
	attackPower = 20