Modding Grimrock 1

This series of documents and guides is intended for anyone who wishes to create their own Legend of Grimrock custom dungeons and mods. But if you wish to just play mods, you can simply subscribe to them in Steam Workshop or downloading them to your “Documents\Almost Human\Legend of Grimrock\Dungeons” -folder from Grimrock Nexus or elsewhere.

Legend of Grimrock comes with a built in dungeon editor and the getting started -guides describe all you need to know if you want to create your own dungeons, complete with monsters, items, puzzles and traps. If you are a little bit more adventurous and if you want to create even more extensive modifications, we have guides for you that will help you get started with scripting in the editor and creating new assets but, due to the breadth of these subjects, we can only scratch the surface here.

The modding and asset usage terms detail what you are and are not allowed to do with mods, custom dungeons and custom assets. You should be familiar with the usage terms before sharing any content you have created. We also cover how you can use and modify the original Legend of Grimrock assets.

Getting Started
Dungeon Editor Basics
Inspector and Connectors
Levels, Wall Sets and Exporting
Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

Introduction to Scripting
How to Script a Combination Lock
How to Add a Scroll With Text on an Alcove
How to Script “Item on an Alcove” Puzzle
Save Games and Variables
Scripting Reference

Custom Assets
Creating Custom Assets
Scripting Hooks
How to Create Hatching Spider Eggs
How to Create Cinematics
Asset Definition Reference
Model and Animation File Formats

Predefined Assets
Predefined Sounds
Predefined Particle Systems
Predefined Spells
Predefined Materials
Predefined Wallsets
Download Asset Pack

Modding & Asset Usage Terms
Grimrock Modding Forum
Editor Video Tutorials by Komag
GrimWiki – Unofficial Dungeon Editor Wiki
The Lua Programming Language Main Page
Lua 5.1 Reference Manual