Frequently Asked Questions

What is this game?
It’s a dungeon crawl game with great atmosphere, puzzles, combat and RPG elements. You can get a good overview from this trailer and here’s a little more detail on the basics of the game.

What platforms are you going to release on?
We release on Windows first, followed by Mac and iOS. Other platforms might be possible too, after we get the game shipped on those three platforms first.

When is the game going to be released?
The game will be released on Windows in early 2012.

Will you release on all platforms simultaneously?
The odds are that we will first release on a single platform, followed closely by the others.

Who are you?
We are a four member team of game industry veterans with combined experience of more than 30 years in creating commercial games. We have worked on Max Payne 2, Alan Wake, Shattered Horizon and various versions of 3DMark Gamer’s Benchmark. Here’s a post with more dirty details!.

Is the game turn based or real time?
We feel that real time works better with the game we are making. It goes well with the atmosphere of the game since the player can be surprised by creeping monsters and the mood of the combat is more intense. Timing is an essential tactical element and our puzzles also benefit from working in real time. Real time gameplay also helps us differentiate from a number of other dungeon crawl games that have been released over the years.

Will there be a character generation system?
In addition to using preset characters, we will include a character generation system.

How many enemy types is there?
As many as we can churn out. Our goal is about 15 for the initial release.

Will the game feature randomly generated dungeons
The idea is intriguing and something we’ve talked about but it’s out of the scope of this project. Maybe someday…

Will there be a level editor?
Most likely at some point but not immediately with the initial release. We are fully concentrating on making a great game first.

Will the game have an automap?
Yes. If you prefer to play without it, the game also has an “oldschool mode” that disables it. Here’s what the automap looks like.

Will you make it easier to pick-up all the used missile weapons from the floors? Auto pick-up?
Auto pick-up has been implemented for the used ammunition.

Will new dungeons or expansions be released after release?
Yes, if there is enough demand for them and the initial release is successful enough to keep us going.

What are the Windows PC system requirements?
The bare minimum is a DX9 graphics card and Windows XP.

What engine are you using?
Our own engine.

Is the game going to be digitally distributed?
Yes. The game will be downloadable only.

I need a reminder when the game is released. Is there a mailing list I can subscribe to?
Yes there is! You can find it here on the sidebar, on the right hand side.

Where do I sign up for beta testing?
We are going to hold a closed beta. That means that there is no need to apply for testing at the moment but we’ll let you know if we need additional testers!

Where can I preorder this? Can I donate?
We’ll have to wait a little closer to release to get a clear answer on preordering. Largely, it depends on which distributors we’ll end up working with. Collecting donations is unfortunately a little tricky to arrange due to Finnish legislature; not anyone can go around collecting money from poor unsuspecting folks. It’s possible, though, that we’ll put up some merchandise for sale at some point.