[Feedback][Spoiler] Riddles and secrets

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[Feedback][Spoiler] Riddles and secrets

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== Level 3 ==

There is a room with this inscription:
A lone pillar of light
stands alone in the night
I had no problem with that riddle. What I didn't manage to solve is the other room's secret, in which we need to place torches in the opposite way.

Some players might think that other room does not need to have any hint. But it would help the rest of the players a bit to add a hint for that other room, as an introduction to encourage first time players to think creatively.

== Level 5 ==

The scroll about opening the Gate of Iron reads:
The Gate of Iron shall open
if you take your time
and rest in the place
where the dragons gaze.
At first, I rested at the rooms of the dragon statues because I think that's what is written on scroll. But after trying multiple times without a result and re-reading the scroll, I managed to solve the riddle after noticing the "place" is singular form.

Maybe there is a grammatical issue in the scroll? I mean isn't the last line supposed to be "where the dragons gaze at."?

== Level 6 ==

There is a fireball-emitting embossment near a sign reads "Mage's Entrance", and we need to shoot a fireball at it to close the trapdoor. However, there is no hint about that. I did try using my ice mage to shoot a frost bolt at the embossment, but nothing happened. So I concluded that the solution is not shooting something at the embossment.

I think this puzzle needs to have a hint. Also, the sign "Mage's Entrance" is not clear enough about which place it refers to, the large room or the short corridor that has the trapdoor.

== Level 9 ==

There are three alcoves at the center of the map and all items in the alcoves needs to be removed to reveal a hidden passage to the next level. In my opinion, that's not a logical design and it also lacks a hint. Because one of the items is Scroll of Lightning Bolt and my mage is not an air mage, I naturally put the scroll back into the alcove after thinking that I won't need it.

If I didn't search on the internet for the solution, I don't know how much longer I would have stuck on this level.

== Level 11 ==

There are four inscriptions on the walls of the room which contains the weapon for weakening the boss. The inscriptions turn out to be not any riddle but hints of developers' names.

I found that it's not fun to have such things in the game because it can only confuse players and likely make players unhappy after players realize the time they spent in deciphering the "riddle" is largely wasted.

== Miscellaneous ==

Can we have an instruction telling us that those "treasures" are useless and can only consume our carrying capacity?

When I saw the Golden Dragon's description text says "Could it be enchanted?", I was misled and really took that as some sort of hint.
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