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Big Friendly Warden Review

Post by thomson » Thu Dec 13, 2012 1:44 am

Big Friendly Warden Review, 1.2 from Steam (the latest as of 2012-12-12)
This is a fun little dungeon. It is more of a short adventure game, rather than a proper dungeon,
but I liked it a lot. In many cases it pushes the boundaries of what is possible with Grimrock engine.

It is short (finished it in 20 minutes), but it was fun filled 20 minutes. There are several new props
here - bookshelf and doormat looks awesome! Story is very important part of this mod. To get all
the little nuances, it is recommended to finish Grimrock first. It's a very well written and plausible
story, trying to tie up some loose ends from the main Grimrock game.

There one single fight and there is no leveling up. This is a mini-dungeon category.

It doesn't happen very often in other dungeons, but I laughed several times while playing this.
Good sense of humor!

I loved all the concepts and new tricks. I think this is the only mod where you can knock on a door or
see a flying scroll.

A must have/play mod for everyone. Play it or you'll miss your only chance to meet a friendly warden with
slight anger control issues.
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