[Feedback][Spoiler] Puzzles

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[Feedback][Spoiler] Puzzles

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At Cemetary, the puzzle for opening the gate could use some improvement. There are three papers associate with solving the puzzle, and that number can easily make players think that the total steps of the puzzle is exactly three (which is a wrong number of steps). Also, one of the paper mentioned sunset, and that can be mis-interpreted as day/night timing due to the game provides players a pocket watch. A thread on the Steam community shows that some players consider the puzzle not well-designed.

There is also a Stone Head in this area saying:
Every night the silent one sees something. Look where he looks and be patient.
Although I did hear a Stone Head in the Sleet Island mentioning "the silent one", but that occurred several areas ago (Sleet Island, Ruins of Desarune, Archives, Lexiconary, Sewers, Hamlet of Stormbreach, etc) and I couldn't immediately recall that. Instead, what I recalled was a tombstone in this area whose inscription says something like a slave who never spoke a word. Therefore, I went to look where the tombstone looks, and of course that didn't work. I think this puzzle can use an improvement because it does not take into the account that players might not be able to recall the actual meaning of "the silent one" due to hearing that name a bit too long ago and also due to the aforementioned tombstone which can be mis-interpreted as "the silent one".

Finally, in the Wormbound Catacombs, there is The Bridge puzzle. The solution is written on a scroll which says something like "Under and under and over ...". However, there is zero indication about which puzzle the scroll refers to. And somehow, it seemed to me that the scroll kind of worked when I was trying to solve the puzzle at the west-side of the map. That puzzle was the one from which you get a two-handed axe. I don't know why, but I thought it worked for that puzzle. Therefore, I would not thought that the scroll is actually for The Bridge puzzle had I not searched on the internet for the solution. I think there can be less confusion if the scroll can be made more associated with The Bridge puzzle.
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