What is this ERROR.

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Re: What is this ERROR.

Post by Zo Kath Ra » Mon May 07, 2018 8:52 pm

Mysterious wrote:So your saying Minmay that my Mod is useless then because the player will have to use the Patch Program?

EDIT: Its ok now I sent my Mod to a mate of mine and his g2 file is original with no patch. I just sent him the (dat file) nothing else and my Mod is running without any problems.

So now I can continue making my Mod without copyright issues. My Mod is 540mb's atm not including the normal assests. I will trim this even further when the Mod is completed and ill get rid of textures etc... that im not using. It will be half the size as I don't use a lot of the origin assets.

Please don't give me a hard time on the size like I mentioned it will be half of the 540mbs = 270mbs.

Thank you for your help :)
You could just say that your mod is for LoG2 for Mac OS X:
And if people want to play it on the PC version, they can try the 4 gb patch, which may or may not work :-)

It doesn't say anywhere in the terms & conditions that a mod has to run on all versions of LoG2.
(if it did, then making a mod that requires the latest version of LoG2 would be against the t&c)
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