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Re: gold coin

Post by minmay » Thu Apr 30, 2015 8:51 pm

Grimrock 1 dungeon
Grimrock 2 resources
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Re: gold coin

Post by Isaac » Thu Apr 30, 2015 11:05 pm

RayB wrote:I have been tinkering around with the sites you recommended and have downloaded blender (a nice program but with a rather steep learning curve for me) and have created a coin slot with it but I don't know how to import it into a Grimrock model file. By the way, what is a Grimrock model file? Is it a picture saved in a certain format? A data file or what? I know you have included a 'gold_coin.model' file in your gold coin file collection but I have no idea what's in it or how to view it; only that you refer to it as gold_coin.fbx (which you have explained). Please excuse my dumbness. I am probably in over my head. If the answers to these questions are too in-depth for a forum discussion just let me know and I will drop it. Also, as I said the gold coin model and files you've created work just great. Thanks for the help. I will keep plugging along.
Post #2 has the links you need. A member here [John Wordsworth] has created a model tooklit that imports/exports grimrock model files. he also wrote a tool to convert FBX files into [game-ready] .model and .animation files.

*And the Blender script minmay linked. :mrgreen:

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