Both LoG & LoG2 on Wii U?

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Re: Both LoG & LoG2 on Wii U?

Post by Namko » Wed Oct 23, 2013 5:47 pm

karadoc wrote: I was imagining that the TV screen would show the main display of the game (ie. the walls, corradors, monsters, switches, items on the ground etc.); and the screen on the controler would just show some of the HUD controls such as characters' attacks and spells, the inventory screen, and stuff like that. I think it would be a waste of the big screen if the game had to have clickable walls drawn onto the touch-screen as well.

The iPad is a bit different because it only has one screen, and that entire screen is a touch-screen. So I presume the iPad controls would mimic the current PC controls, simply replacing the mouse-click with a tap on the touch screen.
I was more thinking about something like this:

Is just a test, but not sure if that would work. :)
Darklord wrote:I wonder how well LoG would sell on the Wii U? It's not it's usual kind of game.

I wonder that myself too. We know the Wii U user base isn't that big, but it could be good platform to introduce old school games like Legends of Grimrock. :)
Nintendo is all about old school imo.

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Re: Both LoG & LoG2 on Wii U?

Post by Neikun » Tue Nov 19, 2013 4:32 pm

Definitely some well thought out ideas here. If not for Grimrock, than for some other game.
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Re: Both LoG & LoG2 on Wii U?

Post by alexkidd86 » Fri Nov 22, 2013 9:13 pm

But what about the Steam Box? And also i think the game would work best with that Oculus Rift device, or something similar to it, that they are working on

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Re: Both LoG & LoG2 on Wii U?

Post by Taem » Thu Dec 12, 2013 12:08 am

I've read reviews of HL2 on the Oculus Rift and they were very good. I'd like to see the Oculus Rift get a built in eye-detector, if it doesn't already have it, so your avatar would not only show his/her eyes move in the direction they are looking in multi-player games, but you could get a more precise look my moving your eyes. I'd also like to see true/simulated 7.1 stereo sound included like my son's Beats headset. Finally, a cool avatar systems similar to xbox or wii you design your avatar, however you can choose to go in-depth with the facial expressions, posing for specific emotions that can be used just for avatar fun, or even in game when your character is "surprised" or your words become excited over the mic. Which brings me to the last thing I'd like to see on the Oculus Rift, a good mic and voice over chat system using a built in wifi nic. Then the Oculus Rift would be truly incredible. Even without all those things, I'm interested in playing FPS's on that system.

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