[Spoilers] Last level not fun.

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Re: [Spoilers] Last level not fun.

Post by MASKOAA » Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:23 pm

Galnospoke wrote:Red Eye = HAL9000?

Ending levels, and ending are boring - someone create it very fast, looking on clock and calendar.
They work for themselves they weren't on a schedule to please someone fronting them money.

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Re: [Spoilers] Last level not fun.

Post by Dhauntyr » Sat Apr 28, 2012 8:18 pm

A lot of conjecture, but still a lot of fun. You can only go with what you empirically see in front of you as clear evidence to what's going on here. The rest would make "lovely" sense.

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Re: [Spoilers] Last level not fun.

Post by Sagagemini » Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:29 am

Saice are you still in Mount Grimrock???? Do you need some food or torches down there???

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Re: [Spoilers] Last level not fun.

Post by Disasterrific » Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:35 am

Galnospoke wrote:Red Eye = HAL9000?

Ending levels, and ending are boring - someone create it very fast, looking on clock and calendar.
I would definitely disagree that it was rushed. They chose to do something very different from your stereotypical dungeon setting by making it mechanical, put together a cool "puzzle boss" demonstrating the potential for other future such boss fights where it isn't just straight combat, meeting the wardens was awesome (even if they did just fight like speedy ogres). It could have been very run of the mill dungeon fodder but instead they chose to surprise us and I've got a lot of respect for that.

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Re: [Spoilers] Last level not fun.

Post by dna » Sun Apr 29, 2012 9:37 am

for all thoses asking why they didn't kill him while they have the weapon and started remove pieces....
let's imagine than a compagny create a device in san francisco, or tokyo (it was not supposed to be dangerous). this device went rogue, and need to be disposed.
but it's not possible to move it, and we are not sure what will happen if we destroyed it...
did you see the end crater/blast.. imagine this in a big city...
and why did i choose frisco or tokyo as city : because of the volcano...
in order to make all this works, you can assume they will choose geothermal energy, by sitting right above an old volcano (you can see the lava in the bottom of the crater)
now let's summarise.
first : we are not sur we will be able to destroy it (thousands of years have passed, rusting the iron part)
two : if we succeed to destroy it, it might explode, and we don't know the power of the blast, might erase the city
three : not only might erase the city, but can create a chain reaction with the volcano, might erase the country....

so let's incapcitate it instead, lock it in the basement of the tower, and create an order of religious guard to protect it 'forever'..

for the fact the cultists attack the player instead of the cube, it can easily be explain...
the order was created thousands years ago, by humains, with human intelligence, but at some point, they became what they are (probably in hope of immortality).
but by doing this, they loose humain thinking, and became animals, with on purpose : killing adventurers.
they don't know why they do this, they don't remember what they once guarded... they just know that they must kill adventurers.

there is a lot that we don't know, but i like it this way... we are intelligent people, we don't need to be taken by the hand and read the full story. if there is some blank, we can try to fill them, and may be at some point, an episode 2 will explain... nothing, and give more questions.

for the ending itself, i had some tough time, mostly being trapped between mobs, waiting the crushed... and can't remember how many times i was crushed...
but i still like it this way : it's different, difficult enough, some kind of 'last stand' of the game, trying to keep you a little longer...
(still a better ending than Mass Effect 3 :twisted: )

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Re: [Spoilers] Last level not fun.

Post by sapientCrow » Sun Apr 29, 2012 11:16 am

I am fine with the actual cube and looking forward to the story there however...
Between the last fight and the fighters challenge both need an overhaul. They have no strategy just random reload reload reload oh yay nothing is tailing me to block me so I get squished.

I definitely suggest creating a method in which we can lock up enemy path ways to finish the cube off. This running and then getting random spawned back in the room as well is just arduous...
I like the idea of breaking down the cube but trying to avoid those disease gnats and ice lizards and fire elementals with all the pits and no where to really strategically take them out and have them not respawn is not fun.

Its difficult to create an end game situation but I suggest creating one we can get better at. I was on run 5 including my toorum run and all 5 times fighters challenge and end fight is just a random reload until it works battle...
shouldn't be like that

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Re: [Spoilers] Last level not fun.

Post by rakenan » Sun Apr 29, 2012 4:45 pm

dna wrote:for all thoses asking why they didn't kill him while they have the weapon and started remove pieces....
Just try swinging at him before you wake him up. He's invulnerable. You cannot hurt him until you wake him up. Given that he was supposed to be some sort of ultimate weapon or something, I can see them not wanting to do a plan to dispose of the helplessly contained enemy that starts with "First you wake him up." You can argue that a giant cube is not much of an ultimate weapon, and I'll even agree, but on the subject of why they didn't destroy him while he was inactive with his pieces missing, apparently they couldn't. He's only vulnerable while he is active with his pieces missing, inactive with pieces missing is invulnerable.

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