crystal autosave fail

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Sir Tawmis
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Re: crystal autosave fail

Post by Sir Tawmis » Tue Dec 25, 2018 5:57 pm

So; you saved a unique SAVE game name (like "Testing in the Dungeon") - and then when you went to the Crystal it overwrote that with an Autosave? :?:

If so, that's not one I've immediately heard of.

Try saving a new game (not overwriting the AutoSave) and save again - click the Crystal again and see if it overwrites that? Because Autosave, should simply overwrite the "AutoSave" slot.
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Re: crystal autosave fail

Post by Zo Kath Ra » Tue Dec 25, 2018 6:34 pm

LindaPeterson wrote:
Tue Dec 25, 2018 5:44 pm
so i rerolled a new group after reading the forums for a bit, and i played around with the group a little to see how it worked out. i got to the first save crystal in the game, and i used it to heal my characters and all that jazz, and boom, it autosaves over my original game file (which im not sure why it wasnt in the save list also, since i manually saved it right before i quit to reroll the new toons).
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Re: crystal autosave fail

Post by Dr.Disaster » Wed Dec 26, 2018 7:51 am

Remember: we are talkin LoG 1 here.

LoG 1 always uses the Autosave Slot a) during game creation and b) upon touching a crystal.
There is absolutely nothing - repeat: NOTHING! - that can be done about this so players have to deal with it!

If the player wants to keep a clean/safe copy of his or her group of brave adventurers it is REQUIRED to manually create named save games after the game started. Relying on the autosave alone can be futile because any attempt of different party setups WILL INEVITABLY OVERWRITE an existing autosave slot upon game start!

This was prolly the reason why point a) was removed in LoG 2.

Named save games don't get overwritten by any feature in the entire game, no crystal, no monster or evil endboss. They are absolutely save. Anyone claiming otherwise is either mistaken or talking BS.

btw: nice copycat spotting!

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