A question and a personal opinion about "old school"

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Re: A question and a personal opinion about "old school"

Post by Gudadantza » Mon Apr 16, 2012 4:18 pm

Myeka wrote:
Gudadantza wrote:A lot of timed puzzles "After Amiga era" were made optional in a lot of games. And progressively disapeared from graphical adventures and RPG, and it was a devs choosing over time.
RPGs in "Amiga era" were limited due to system and control restrictions. When new technologies came up, RPGs split up in 2 main branches: adventure RPG (also called 'true' RPG) and action-RPG. You are refering to the first category, and of course they aren't time-puzzles in this kind of game because they are not "action based". But other devs made some action-RPG with time-based puzzle, you just didn't play them because you were focusing on adventure RPG.
I do not know how to clasify Ultima underworld in the two branches you talk about but being one of the best examples of atmospheric dungeon, and immersive game it will not be remembered by the jumpings from rock to rock, but for the rest of gameplay in the game, modern even nowadays.


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