For those that beat the game. Let's get some basic stats

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Re: For those that beat the game. Let's get some basic stats

Post by robobot » Sun Apr 15, 2012 4:54 am

1) Official: a little over 16 hours. Steam time: 24 hours.
2) Unfortunately, yes, I had to look up one or two hints near the end of the game.
3) 50 secrets found, 3 treasures, 13 notes, 5 skulls, 9 iron doors.
4) All four characters were level 13.
5) I'd give it an 8 or 9 out of 10. I really enjoyed it.

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Re: For those that beat the game. Let's get some basic stats

Post by BaukisFilemon » Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:24 am

1) Official 15:01 on hard, with automap (wrote 15,5 in another thread, but that was a mistake, my latest save got lost so I added 30 minutes to the other one - turns out I only needed around 200 damage on the boss to finish, not 30 minutes). Real time, probably the same. Lots of back-tracking though, when I found my second gold key I went back to the first treasure room/treasure store cause I didn't realize there would be two more later for example)
2) One time, on level 9 where I didn't realize that I needed to empty all those slots in the middle, I looked it up on this forum, walked around forever on that level. Also didn't realize I had finished the III-II-!-III puzzle so I spent alot of worthless time there, looking on the forum while I already apparenltly had finished it. I also made a thread on asking if skulls mattered after lvl3 for a non-minotaur party (regret asking that question but I was overencumbered and desperate to throw away treasures, skulls and notes)
3) 53 secrets, 5 treasures, all notes, 5 skulls, 8 iron doors
4) 13, my human throwing rogue in the backrow had 11k more exp than my unarmored human rogue, axewielding human fighter (worthless) and earth mage insectoid (also worthless). The throwing rogue was 75 % to lvl 14.
5) Honestly 10. I love it and will play it again. I will 100 % it, I will try a solo-character single segment run, I will speed run (which means going through the game LOTS of times, finding the fastest and easiest routes, memorizing the maps and the location of essential items - and if it is worth the time to get them, perfecting battles, restarting hundreds of times because of bad luck etc. I have lots of ideas. Everything on hard. Never made youtube videos but I feel this game is my game, it demands puzzle solving and high speed hand-eye coordination and I want to show that I have it. I love it. Brilliant.

EDIT: Didn't realize real time meant time including reloads. I save and reloaded more than I should. Add 3 hours just perfecting enemies, avoiding pitfalls and poison etc. Never used throwing bombs except once for testing what it did. Hate that you can save everywhere, my OCD can't help abusing it T_T

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Re: For those that beat the game. Let's get some basic stats

Post by Pyros » Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:09 am

1) 12h30, but a lot more counting the reloads and stuff. Steam says 19hours, but a bit of it afking and I rerolled at lvl 3 or so, so likely 16hours.

2) I only needed help for the very last puzzle, and I wouldn't have needed help if it was more obvious you had to click in specific parts of the screen for the items to go in the cube. Like I had all the items but they "wouldn't fit", because I was clicking the wrong place :( I also looked up spells early on since I dumped a lot of points in fire way before I got the scrolls.

3) 53/71secret, 3/7treasure, but I only really started full detective mode at lvl 7+, before that I kinda just checked for wall stuff if there was a visual indicator there should be one(a door with loot behind for example). According to the items missed list, I didn't miss anything from 7 to 13, but I missed a lot before.

4) My main char was 14.5 due to necklace of xp, others were 13 but fairly close to 14(like maybe 10mins of grinding in the last room). I kinda wish there was more xp in the game as I feel most of my characters weren't "complete". Only my archer felt kinda done, mostly because all you need is missile weapons and I reached 50 in that before the end.

5) 9.5/10. I wouldn't give a perfect note because the controls were sometimes clumsy(no way to keybind attacking, no way to move the frame closer to the middle so I don't watch a corner of my screen in combat), some balance issues between like spell magic schools or classes(protection vs evasion tanks for example), some puzzles/enigmas were annoying like the platemail on lvl 5(I think?) where you actually have to go lower then back up or some switches on walls that don't do anything apparently because what they activate is too far for sound clues(one button on the spiral corridor at the end of lvl 9 where there were a couple of ogres, couldn't figure what that did at all), a bit slow to give bow+arrows for archers and disparity between melee weapons, lack of stealth to support a backstab heavy build without relying on freeze or invis.

All fairly minor details and I still feel it's one of the greatest game I've played in a while.

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Re: For those that beat the game. Let's get some basic stats

Post by Saice » Tue Apr 17, 2012 1:05 am

1) See Stats Below
2) For the most part no but I did google up about the "This level is sealed" because I was positive it was a lie and I was just missing a button or something.
3) See Stats Below
4) See character details and screen shot below
5) 9 out of 10 I loved it over all. But there was some rage inducing moments because of the obscurity of a few puzzles. Also I was hoping for a longer dungeon crawl around 20 floors would have been just right for me as with the number it was close but felt a little short.

Play Time 13:26:17
Monsters Killed 492
Items found 706
Secrets found 62/71
Treasures found 7/7
Toorum's Notes Found 13/16 (sorry little buddy never found you)
Skulls found 5
iron doors opened 10/10
titles moved 20265
Times Fallen into put 41 (most of them willing jumped into)
Melee Attacks Preformed 6342
Range attacks preformed 217
unarmed attack preformed 7
spells cast 0
potions mixed 66

LoG-EndGame by Saice, on Flickr

Don't wanna click heres the break down in text.

Cow Girl Pwnstar
Minotaur Fighter Level 13

Health 209
Energy 54

Str 26
Dex 10
vit 21
will 7

Fire 70
cold 36
poison 86
shock 0

Protection 72
Evasion 15

Left hand atk - / Acc -
Right hand atk 71 / Acc 19

Head Hunter


Athletics 17
Armors 16
Maces 24

Human Fighter Level 13

Health 171
Energy 84

Str 21
Dex 13
vit 16
will 10

Fire 20
cold 29
poison 29
shock 20

Protection 63
Evasion 37

Left hand atk - / Acc -
Right hand atk 45 / Acc 26



Athletics 12
Armors 25
Swords 23

Human Rogue Level 13

Health 117
Energy 84

Str 18
Dex 16
vit 12
will 10

Fire 19
cold 52
poison 2
shock 19

Protection 3
Evasion 83

Left hand atk - / Acc -
Right hand atk 28 / Acc 31



Assassination 16
Daggers 15
Dodge 24

Human Rouge Level 13

Health 115
Energy 86

Str 16
Dex 17
vit 13
will 10

Fire 23
cold 5
poison 5
shock 23

Protection 34
Evasion 37

Left hand atk - / Acc -
Right hand atk 28 / Acc 22



Assassination 16
Daggers 15
Dodge 24
It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
My end game stats LoG 1st play through

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Re: For those that beat the game. Let's get some basic stats

Post by buffyoa » Tue Apr 17, 2012 4:49 pm

1) 17:04 on normal (real time probably 20 h)
2) yes, 2 or 3 times
3) 50/71 secrets, 3/8 treasures, 15/16 notes, 10/10 iron doors, 5 skulls, 689 items
4) 14, 13, 13, 13
5) my rating is 7,5/10

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Re: For those that beat the game. Let's get some basic stats

Post by Mr.Monopoly » Tue Apr 17, 2012 5:01 pm

1: 20 hours
2: I only needed it once, when i was wondering how to do the Fighters challenge.
3: 47 (which is so terrible) I'm on my second run and i have 42 secrets, and i only just finished level 6 >_>
4: all 13
5: 8.5/10, due to the fact I'm into "harder combat" games, in this you dance around with monsters, which isn't that bad, and they can't change it, i prefer the hardess of a game like demon souls rather than simply abusing a 2x2 grid.

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Re: For those that beat the game. Let's get some basic stats

Post by EvoluZion3 » Tue Apr 17, 2012 5:34 pm

1) Stats=12:42, real time=couldn't have been more than 13:00. I saved so often that when I died or failed then I was only a minute or so away.
2) I think the only help I needed was Walkabout (I had the right idea, I just didn't apply it enough times!), where the location of one of the four bits of machinery was, and I missed the rune button about half-way through.
3) 35/71 secrets, 2/7 treasures, 12/16 Toorum's notes, 5/10 iron doors.
4) All Level 13.
5) 9/10.

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Re: For those that beat the game. Let's get some basic stats

Post by MikeKathos » Tue Apr 17, 2012 5:49 pm

1) My first play through was on normal, I reached level 11 by 10 hours (got stuck on pillared hallway for at least an hour) before I restarted because I felt my rogue was completely worthless I really screwed him up somehow. I remade my game on hard and beat it in just over 9 hours. I killed everything I saw just because I like killing everything...except floor 13 because I don't think they stop spawning...after I kept dying due to the swarm of enemies and the boss I just found a nice quiet corner to fight him on my own. I did die a fair bit as well, I get impatient a lot of the time and start blazing through the dungeon and get myself in a bad situation.
2) As stated in 1) the only help I needed was on the pillared hallway because I was making 1 minor mistake with it, other than that I figured out everything on my own.
3) 3/7 treasures; 60/71 puzzles; 14/16 Toorum's notes (I skipped a couple on my hard play through because I knew what they were and just didn't grab them, so realistically 16/16); 10/10 iron doors; 4 skulls (pretty sure I had 5 on my first play...)
4) My characters were 13, with 1 14 (25% exp necklace)
5) 8/10. I would love to rate higher just because I really enjoyed the puzzles and most of the enemies (I hate you guys for putting in spiders...seriously) but unfortunately there's not much replay value to be had currently. I will be making 1 last play through using a walk through to obtain all puzzles/treasures, there was a few things I just couldn't figure out how to get to. Hopefully there's some DLC that comes in (I would pay for more content without thinking twice) and some third party support aka player made dungeons. Also I would have loved to see a wider variety of enemies and if possible make them more resistant to strafe abuse, the only enemies I felt that were difficult to deal with were the slimes and wasps that come in on floor 11 I believe (super fast), everything else is fairly easily manipulated by abusing their slow speed.

***SPOILER for new game plus***
So as it turns out there is a -new game plus-. After you've beat the game go to New Game then check off Create Character, don't add anybody to the party and just change the name of your starting character to Toorum then hit enter. The game will chime and start, when you enter the dungeon you'll have 1 character whom is Toorum! I was actually hoping there was a way I could walk through the dungeon with just 1 character (as an added challenge) so THANK YOU DEVS! Cool little addition to the I go!

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Re: For those that beat the game. Let's get some basic stats

Post by Batty » Tue Apr 17, 2012 6:04 pm

Hard & Old School


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Re: For those that beat the game. Let's get some basic stats

Post by Hotcakes » Tue Apr 17, 2012 6:13 pm

1) My last save says 20:00:00 believe it or not. It took me maybe another 15 minutes to finish from there. Real time - approximately 25ish hours, but it's really hard to say. Easy mode w/ automap. I don't care, shut up.
2) Once and I knew I'd be really kicking myself for it. I had actually solved the 'weapon appears in the shadows' puzzle on level 11, but forgot about the Orb of Light in my hands. Eventually I cheated and looked at the solution and realised that was the problem. D'oh.
3) 55/71 secrets, 14/16 notes, 3/7 treasures, all iron doors (show me there's something to solve and I'll solve it:). My second play through is the one where I try to do everything, the first is always just for story.
4) 14
5) Easily a 9. Some minor (obviously) gripes.

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