First time through

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First time through

Post by Alzeric » Sun Jun 07, 2015 1:20 pm

Hail y'all

Just finished my first run. Didn't get all secrets or treasures. No torum either (dang) but I escaped at least.

I did this on the original release and not the update so I wouldn't have to restart my saves. I gotta say This Game ROCKED! So many games from the App Store are Meh, junk, or only good for idol time in the bathroom. This game had me racing for my Ipad every spare second.

The only bugs I encountered was the few graphic icons on spells once you learn them. I will be getting thog2 for certain but for now it's only PC based. I still think the Mobil version should be slowed down a tad as some puzzles or fights are just impossible without serious effort and hours of reloads.

But in the end as someone that grew up on dungeon master this game was near a religious experience for me. Thanks for that!

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