mod called "Falagar" ???

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Re: mod called "Falagar" ???

Post by Kirill » Fri Feb 05, 2021 9:08 pm

Pompidom wrote:
Tue Nov 27, 2018 4:54 pm ... 1574086606

I'm now 8 hours in, the mod is exactly like the author said it was.

Don't expect a story, just many "default" maps.

It certainly looks like a lot of time has been spent making this mod. A lot of time spent creating on default looking maps.

It contains bugs like triggers not connected to anything error messages. Error messages from certain monsters brain or movement and the combat system errors. And lots of missing visuals from assets placed on the wrong side.
So it's hard to say if it is the author's fault or the player's fault when you're genuinely stuck with no way out. Some "magic_bridge" console cheat spawning certainly proved useful to become unstuck in 2 areas already. In the desert I fell down a small dungeon with no way out whatsoever as well.

It's enjoyable at most. As long you don't mind "helping" yourself with the console. But i'm not sure I will finish it till the end.
It's basically more of the same like the default campaign.
A long campaign of many maps of default placement of default assets with some monsters, buttons and doors thrown in.

Combined with custom classes/races/traits and custom items/spells/potions.

It's just that the addition of all the custom stuff doesn't really make a difference or make any sense. It feels forced.
Fevers, diseases and getting poisoned all the time feels more obnoxious than a solid gameplay mechanic.

Creating 2 tank characters as frontrow and 2 magic users backrow is a solid strategy from the very start.
Fireburst, frostburst (custom skill) and shockburst will have maximum efficiency from level 1.

Being 8 hours in and considering everything I came across so far, I'm glad with the choices of race and classes I picked. 4 Trolls.
2 Warrior Trolls maxxing on Vitality and Strength and 2 Alchemist trolls used as magic casters. Throw in some bear form potions with rage potions for the tougher enemies. Bonus stats + resistances basically the lack of valid items you find for all the other classes/traits (for example 8 hours in with only 2 skulls found and 1 trinket)
The alchemists can easily be replaced by battle mages.

My frontrow is indestructable armed with a shield in each hand while the backrow conjures firewalls and air and frost spells obliterating everything it comes across.

Custom classes like monks and pirates will probably just add frustration. They can't tank and it will take ages before you find a decent weapon for them. Taking a Dark wizard class makes no sense either, no HP means instant death every time you're hit by some aoe which happens more often than it should.

Basically most classes and races are probably there for the few people that like to "roleplay" and gimp themselves.
Which probably explains why the game is so easy so that the weaker classes/races don't get butchered.

Secret areas contain too much overpowered stuff compared to the garbage you find normally. Missing these secrets means you miss out on a lot of valuable equipment. For example I decided to use my shovel randomly on a spot that felt like "digworthy" and digging revealed a secret pitfall with a secret dungeon containing skillpoint tome, crystal flower and a shitload of herbs.

I was afraid that the custom skillpoint potion that you can craft with herbs would break the balance entirely, but it turns out you need 3 crystal flowers for 1 skillpoint so I'm pleased about that. Even with my 2 alchemists I will never overpower myself with a bunch of free skillpoints.

It could have been a great mod if the author wasn't limiting himself by the 100 MB steam mod workshop limit.
Some custom music and some more custom assets with variable WorldPosition placements would have solved the "default" looks.
Did you finish it?
Was it so easy till the end?

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