My opinion on LoG2 mods

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My opinion on LoG2 mods

Post by Kirill » Sun Feb 14, 2021 10:21 am

Yes, i played like 20+ mods for LoG2.
Avoided those where author said he spend like 10-30 hours, cant make good mod in short time. Or some crazy concept, like only puzzle mod.

Ok, my opinion, first good mods.

100% enjoyed The Guardians.
Crack of Doom is very good.
Butcher of Many is very good.
Lost City was Ok.
Artefacts of power is decent, polished, but short.
Eye of Atlantis was OK, but some parts were bad.

This mods are good, placed in order of being good. But all are at least 8 out of 10.

All other mods are skippable. Either generic, boring. Or just insane. Like Tetraxus something, where ogres spawn every 5 seconds on 2nd map of game. Or Allure of Nightfall, where you NEED item from like 5-6 game maps away. And spend like 20+ mins of real-time just to test this item you need or another item from another 5-6 game maps away. Or Excellion where you get best items in first 10 minute and have like 3+ tomes of +25 hp in first 20 mins. Or Realm of Zarquedoc where there are empty cells/rooms and monsters, nothing else and 25+ lockpicks on first 4 (identical) maps. But this just examples, most other mods copy same concepts that are just not fun.

I have some hopes for Falagar (some hopes) and Call Of House Hardabar (high hopes).

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Re: My opinion on LoG2 mods

Post by Khollik » Mon Feb 15, 2021 5:17 pm

Hi Kirill

Of course, you're aware that every player does not look for the same things in a mod, for instance some will prefer shorter mods, other longer mods, some will prefer mostly (if not only) puzzles, other figthing and so on...


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Re: My opinion on LoG2 mods

Post by 7Soul » Mon Feb 15, 2021 8:16 pm

He does say it's his opinion
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Re: My opinion on LoG2 mods

Post by ene » Sat Feb 20, 2021 10:58 pm

* Lost City/The Guardians (Lost City 2) - needs a bit of time to get used to the different mechanisms (specially guardians), but both very good (and long)

* Isle of the Deranged - very good (and quite long too)

* Wrath of the Gorgons - very good in the sense that there is some good stress throughout the game, food is rare, you need to stay focus.. - really good stress, trademark of this mod i shall say :mrgreen:

* It's a ctrap - very good (unfortunatly very short) - but unsual concept/design, nothing come close when it come to the originality

* Crashed - fun litte mod, even if a bit short. Still liked it (just simple & enjoyable i guess).

just my thought obviously


Call Of House Hardabar.. it'll be for sure big. Good ? yes, i do think it will be very good, although i'm a bit worried about all the changes that occured throughout the development, specialy lately - wait & see

one thing for sure is that the modder is not in a hurry :mrgreen: , not to say a bit lazy at times :D
but he's good, there's no doubt about it

Now, critic is easy, art is difficult. You have the right not to like some mods - i myself found some of them quite terrible.. still i mean, i find it too easy to just say that this or that mod has too many food/items, or whatever, or that the traps/riddles suck, that fights are boring or ridiculously hard.. you may be right in your judgement, just try to be conscious that all of them require from their creators lot of time, energy, passion.. and in no way it 's easy to get the right balance.

If you don't like them, just forget, simple.. but pay credit at least for the work, the effort, or even for trying.

I don't know about you, but i have 0 technical knowledge when it come to create a mod. One thing for sure is that i'm happy that some people give me a chance to play a new dungeon, regardless if the mod rock or suck.

i'm saying that because lot of your posts are like that. Sorry but there are others ways to say that a mod is not good that just saying 'utterly bad', 'stupid idea', etc - even if you're righ, that's not the point. Again i think it's too easy.

Try to make a mod first please, then you'll be able to talk/critic the way you do.

(oops, almost forgot.. interesting thread btw)

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