Some great dungeon & puzzle ideas

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Some great dungeon & puzzle ideas

Post by Frenchie » Fri Apr 10, 2015 8:18 am

Currently very busy with work, so I still haven't started trying to make a dungeon but I would like to see great ideas here, test if they can work, reference to a movie or whatever and if people like them tell us with idea you will use. Now I only played 2 custom dungeons so far and not fully read the latest forum posts, so some might already been used. I thinking less dungeons and more wilderness.

- Chest on a shipwreck either under water or above
If you have the shipwreck and make it not blockable you can walk through it. If you align a floor to the shipwreck floor and make it invisible, you create the illusion you can walk on the shipwreck floor. Raise a chest and it might be stuck in the floor, so we also need to rotate it a bit. Is that all possible?

- Shallow water to contact multiple islands
Let's say you look for a message in a bottle and there are several empty bottles spread around tiny islands. At the same time you could hunt for crabs and fish for food using a net or harpoon. Wander in too deep water and sea monsters might attack you.

- Treasure island
The clues to reach it are landmarks. So there must some unique spots and landmarks to lead you through a cryptic message. Look through a bullet hole in a skull on a pool to find a landmark like a mountain that looks different. A tide that hides a swallow path to another island. So, with high tide passage through water is blocked and with low tide water level is lower and a passage appears. I don't know if time based landscape change is possible.

- Changing maze
I'm thinking a maze made by hedges that change so, tracing your steps back won't get you to the entrance. Digging holes as bread crumbs would not work also as the holes will disappear in time. Some hedges you could walk through. You have to get to the center and unlock a fountain puzzle to reveal a secret stairway down.

- Movable furniture to reveal hidden doors
So far I haven't seen any stone coffins or cupboards that can be moved to reveal a secret door. I would expect the lid of a stone coffin to be losened to reveal treasure or the hole coffin to reveal a passage down. The must some animation like a lid moved and dropped to the floor or a cupboard you can turn.

- Word floor puzzle
A floor tile is quite big, but can it be divided into 4 parts as it each objects has 4 facings? I'm thinking the Indiana Jones floor puzzle where you have to spell a word to pass a chasm. Each tile will have 4 sections with each a letter. Mouse clicking on any letters will highlight the letter. Each time you mispell the magic word, an earthquake, you move back to start and a random letter from the start tile will be inactive. If more than 2 letters become inactive the tiles disappears making it a pit.

- Combining objects
Holding 2 notes over each other in front of a light source to reveal a complete map and hidden text. Adding feathers, shaft and head together to make arrows. Use a grate of a fish as a needle. Braid hairs to make yarn and make leather armor.

- Starting objects
People that survive a shipwreck shouldn't be naked and alone. It's so unbelievable that the ones in a cage were the sole survivors and only there clothes got lost. Nearby corpses should also have some weaponry like a bone or a knife. Breaking a branch of a tree for a starter weapon. Making a shield, or helmet from a turtle, mortar & pestle from a skull and a bone, capes from a sail. The start of an adventure should be making starting items.

- Multiple herbs that do the same
You would sooner expect sea weed in the sea that might have the some medical properties as bloodcap. So, double the herbs and give them the same properties. Lots of moss and fungae on the walls, but none would scrape it off. Makes it more believable than one random on the floor.

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Re: Some great dungeon & puzzle ideas

Post by Azel » Fri Apr 10, 2015 3:55 pm

I really like the idea of changing a maze, but implementation would require a well thought-out schema so that the player doesn't end up frustrated. Moving furniture is cool but we can just break furniture which is more fun! Although it would be nice to be able to open shelves and drawers.

I am currently working on a simple approach to "combining objects" since that is part of the Myst game (which is what my Mod is based on). A letter is ripped in half, each part is located in a different Age. Once both found, the player can use pen n paper to construct the entire entry, or place both pieces in an Alcove in order to have the game combine the objects. Simple enough.

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