Multiple magic schools spells pack

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Re: Multiple magic schools spells pack

Post by zimberzimber » Tue Dec 13, 2016 9:18 am

Its unlikely that anyone would reach 700 resistance, unless the modder allows it :p

But wouldn't always rounding down prevent reaching 100 and cap resistance at 99?
My asset pack [v1.10]
Features a bit of everything! :D

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Re: Multiple magic schools spells pack

Post by sargris » Thu Dec 15, 2016 4:06 pm

On the lower mine level, there seems to be an unlimited spawn wave of spiders. Any way to stop it ?

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Re: Multiple magic schools spells pack

Post by AndakRainor » Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:33 pm

Yes, just destroy all the eggs. The spider invasion thing is a mistake I made when I copied some assets from my other mod to this one, but I did not remove it as it seems to be fun for everyone :P

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Re: Multiple magic schools spells pack

Post by sargris » Thu Dec 15, 2016 9:07 pm

It is really fun... and hard ! Destroying all the eggs was what I had in mind but they keep coming.
Also, I discovered the enhanced sword enchantement. Pretty cool !

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Re: Multiple magic schools spells pack

Post by akroma222 » Fri Dec 16, 2016 11:37 am

AndakRainor wrote:Well I think diminishing returns beats all other solutions :P
It does not lower your power on level up, and avoids the absurd status of being immune to damage for the player. Your solution Akroma makes it still reachable, unless you don't give tomes in your mod.
Even my formula is not that great, with the rounded value, 100 can be reached with a little less than 700 original resistance. I think I should instead overwrite the GUI to hide the internal value, and use it not rounded if possible! :lol:
Hey AndakRainor!
Curious - how come having no Tomes will make the difference? (maybe im having a stupid day again)
I am indeed reconsidering a diminishing returns formula - or even a cap on resistance at around 75.
Then only allowing a champ to pass resistance: 75 (with a diminishing returns formula) if they have 1 or more certain traits
Yet to consolidate on this - and very intrigued to hear other approaches :D

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Re: Multiple magic schools spells pack

Post by AndakRainor » Fri Dec 16, 2016 5:51 pm

Well it is easy to reach 100 resistance with the various traits from the base game, the shield spells and the tomes, even without the bonuses from base attributes.

Diminishing returns let you progress without any cap (unless rounded as I did for now...) and if 100*R / (100+R) is not to your taste you could even use something like 99*R / (99+R).

But letting any bonus out of this rescaling would lead to invulnerability being reachable again...

And it is not really a stat that becomes less and less useful as you progress just because of it. It is the base game resistances which are absurd in their progression!!! In fact, the last percent you gain from 99% resitance to 100% is the biggest possible progression, infinitely more valuable than progressing from 20% to 21%. For example in the lava assets I defined, with very high fire damage, if makes you progress from being one-shot by falling in lava (unless you have very high health and die in a few hits) to being just able to stupidly swim in it...
I think I should do something about high evasion in the scaling system of Magic of Grimrock too...

So I plan on removing the rounded resistance value I had and overwrite the GUI displayed to players. When it is done i will share it here...
Also, while I am on the subject of GUI, some players asked if I could display more hidden stats in the characters' sheets... Does anyone know the details/formulas about health and energy regeneration?

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Re: Multiple magic schools spells pack

Post by AndakRainor » Sun Dec 18, 2016 11:21 pm

Version 2.5

New features:
- "Toorum mode": monsters kills now grant experience points based on the number of characters in your party (equally divided).
- New visual interface to track spells and effects durations.
- New visual interface for resistance diminishing returns.
- New visual interface for health and energy regeneration.
- Monsters now also gain accuracy when they scale.
- Health and energy potions now have a scaling part to be more useful to high level characters.
- Magic Bridge has a one second animation before being usable. So it can no longer be chained infinitely (was not intended!).
- Detections spells have a longer duration and their elementals schools have been fixed.
- Oracle now also detects items.
- Cure Petrify replaced with Flow of Mind. Makes the party immune to petrified and paralyzed conditions while active. (Usable in Toorum mode!)
- The Island Master clones are no longer considered normal living beings by the Detect Life and Shadowlands Vision spells.

Difficulty balance:
- The Viper Roots first boss now have 500 health instead of 300.
- The Trickster encounter in Twigroot Tunnels requires twice the previous damage.
- The Sewers Trickster fight requires 4 times the previous damage.
- The Sewers Ratling boss fight requires 4 times the previous damage.
- The Barren Desert Magma Golems now have 5000 health instead of 1000 (and the Trickster also has more health).
- The skeleton knight commanders bosses also have more health (and also the secret custom golems in the cemetery above).
- The Lindworm has massively more health :)
- The Island Master also gained some health and shield power, and one new attack.
- The number of spiders in the Crystal mine is a little reduced (kill the eggs to stop the invasion!).
- Medusa now always hit with their petrifying attack. Deal with it! (If you play in "Toorum mode", be careful...)
- Enchantment spells scrolls have been moved to be accessed earlier.
- Pyrometabolism spell scroll has been moved to be accessed earlier (starting area).

Bug fixes:
- Internal renaming of the Haste spell to avoid confusion with the Haste trait in the traits interface.
- Burst and zone spells no longer pass through forcefields.
- Ice blocks no longer loose their collisions properties when falling from one map to another.
- Feast now has the correct energy cost (150) in its description.
- Frozen condition for champions no longer lasts forever for teams smaller than 4 characters.
- Alter Time is no longer canceled on saved game reload.
- Mirror no longer resurrects characters!
- The Scroll of Energy Whirl is no longer missing in the game (Forgotten River).
- Dead monsters should no longer burn.
- Enchantments on new armors should no longer be partially erased by set bonuses activation.
- The Island Master granted experience on death is now scaling like all other monsters.
- The Ring on a String no longer disturbs the rescaled experience visual interface in the character sheet.
- Dormant golems should no longer be hit by zone spells and look stupid.

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Re: Multiple magic schools spells pack

Post by AndakRainor » Tue Jan 03, 2017 4:26 pm

Version 2.5.1

New features:
- Several conditions removed and replaced with spells timers icons; arcanic charges, wind rider, flow of mind, energy whirl, force of will, angelic shield, health/energy/food gains and losses.
- Timer icons now show which character they apply to, if any.
- Detection spells recoded to be less performance heavy.
- Enchantments scale half as fast as before with the caster's skills and willpower. However their maximum power is unchanged.
- Healing now costs 15% of maximum energy instead of current energy.
- Regeneration now costs 20% of maximum energy instead of current energy.
- Life Bloom now costs 25% of maximum energy instead of current energy.
- Energy Whirl affects all champions with or without the aura trait.
- Immortal and Alter Time requirements swaped.
- Alter Time now costs 150 energy instead of 100 energy.

Bug fixes:
- Magic Bridge now has the correct energy cost (80) in its description.
- The Invisibility timer icon is correctly removed when the invisibility condition is lost.
- The Immortal timer icon now is removed if all champions have consumed their revive condition.

The spell_pack dungeon example is updated for this version.

If you use a saved game from the previous version, the patch will apply automatically, it can take some time with a black screen before all previous effects are purged, so be patient!

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Re: Multiple magic schools spells pack

Post by sargris » Wed Jan 04, 2017 11:39 am

Nice :ugeek:

Been testing normal and toorum mode (hardcore indeed)

One very little remark about monster leveling. To me, it feels like, at a certain point, leveling up your team is more a disavantage than an advantage. Of course this has already been said for other games that use monster leveling (Oblivion and co..). At some point, monsters have really high HP and hit so hard that protection / evasion / diminished resistance does not cut it really. You have to dance to avoid being hit and hit monsters for a longer time.

Of course, my goal was to build up to test the roof fight and see if there was a limit to the number of monster waves Lid can send you... For a normal play, this mod makes the game and his particular story as good as it can be I think.

I'm struggling with the very same problem in my own game (tactile table multi player dungeon crawling).

Out of topic question:
Love Grimrock's objects 2D graphic style, and really not an artist myself... So I use them in my game.
I ow Grim 1 and 2 (actually 3 copies) and so do the 3 friends that beta test the game.
My game is not intended to be sold like... ever. Just a hobby for the 4 of us.
So I guess it is ok copyrights wise...
Does anyone know where to get similar style graphics ?

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