[MOD] - Eye of the Atlantis - version 3j

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[MOD] - Eye of the Atlantis - version 3j

Post by Drakkan » Tue Oct 28, 2014 3:11 pm

Welcome mighty adventurers !


Now the tide’s begun
its clockwork turn, pouring,
in the day’s hourglass,
toward the other side of the world.

Eye of the Atlantis is RPG dungeon full of creatures, treasures and puzzles.
Version 3j is last released version, fully playable and finished

https://www.dropbox.com/s/hk8m2b6to9k5h ... j.zip?dl=0

Steam download possible as well (one of the most favorites mods)

- Open world similar to the RPG games like Might and Magic
- 15 - 20 hours playtime
- About 100 new items, recipes, potions, blueprints and more
- New class, traits and skills
- City with shops
- Many side quests
- Detailed world to roam and adventure in !
- Main story line and some world´s lore

- game could sometimes crash when autosave / quicksave - this is caused if you play with High texture resolution. I suggest to lower the Texture resolution to Medium !
- some graphical and grammar glitches
- invisible walls on automap in Conwill city
- huge DPS problems in lowest part of the Pyramid. Try lower your resolution for this part.
- some minors bugs reported, but nothing game-breaking

HUGE thanks to whole Log community, especially to these people without which dungeon was never finished in current stage

- Steingrímur Óskarsson
- John Wordsworth
- Isaac
- AdrTru

sapientCrow, Soaponarope, Shaf, marten_1992 - grammar checks / translation (about 90% checked so far)

akroma22 - scripting help, skill manager, trait manager, weapon expert and adviser !
alois - shop system scripting
AndakRainor - wonderfull custom spells and spell expert adviser !
bongobeat - overall help, testing and feedback !
cameronC - many epic weapons and items scripting
critical-Dean - character portraits
cromcrom - scripting help and overall help
Doridion - cloning offset objects, water level setting
Eleven Warrior - overall help and some object conversion
Frenchie - scripting help
Jkos - script help, many hooks, party hiring script !
Johaleen - healing spells and learning spells scripting !
Leki - scripting help, modeling and overall help !
Mahric Dreamhunter - scriptable NPCs, camera fly, scripting help
marten_1992 - testing and huge feedback !
minmay - scripting help, HUGE optimization help, feedback and testing
Potawan - beautifull damaged and dead champion portraits !
Prozail - pendulum and ball trap, shop, scripting help, coins
QuintinStone - magic ladder scripting idea
Thorham - weight puzzle script

Custom Music by Eric Matyas

Marcus Dellicompagni - dragon warrior song
neeluchawla - healing mantra sound
FoolBoyMedia - forest song
Sound effects (freesounds.org) and models (turbosquid free models)
drondron1986 (turbosquid)- free model of Conwill statue

Custom assets
zimberzimber - zimbers asset

Whole Winter tileset by Skuggsvein
Sx Town - Skuggsvein, some converted by Eleven Warrior
Asia objects - Phitt
Mines - Phitt. conversion Eleven Warrior and minmay
Grim Furniture Set - Germmany
Custom slimes - Daveyx0
Cosy Dungeons Set - Phitt
Neo_asset - odinsballs
Lookable Barrel Chest - Skuggsvein
Dm asset and some custom objects (like lighting orbs, some weapon design etc.) - minmay

Released screenshots:
Image Image Image
Image Image Image

This is only the quick walk-trough describing the main part of the story and mandatory quests. It´also covering some secret areas.
It should give you a hint / answer in case you are stacked somewhere and you do not want wait for the forum response.
You start standing on the abandoned bulwark, some sand worms are crawling around. Fall into the water, there is hidden sack in the alcove under the bridge. Inside it is drenched map where to dig your first treasure (Oasis area). Old pistol could be used to fight some creatures around (especially the wandering warg).

First - you want reach Conwill city as soon as possible. Choose east route as it is faster and more safe. You can either fight the sand worms you will bump into, or leave it for later, so all the party members gain the experience. The same story is for any turtles you meet along the path.

Entrance gate is in the middle-north part of the Central beach area. When entering the gate you will be stopped by the guard. No matter what, you will be instructed to get rid off the zarchtons living in the oasis south of the city.

Deal with zarchtons, they will never follow you out of the oasis, so you can always retreat and fight them again.

Enter the City and find the Blue Inn tavern – building south from the central Shrine.

Side quest - Delivery boy
Ask about some job, you will get food packages. Roam around the city to discover it, visiting all the towers in each of its corner. You can also find all the golden horseshoes along the way, you will need them to finish another quest later on. Pick up your reward in the tavern.

Guild Quest - The Lucky Luke – goldenshoes locations
All goldenshoes are in the main Conwill map. One horseshoe is hidden inside the barrel chest close to the west exit (the chest is visible on the automap), another one is in the west-north pond where you can dive in, next one is hidden next to the stables under some crates you have to break and finally the last one is in the most east-south area of the city, again under the crates.

Quest - Griff alchemy ingredients
Visit the alchemist shop in the north-east. You will be assigned with new quest but more importantly, Avae join your party. Don't forget to buy her mortal and pestle and some basic attack spell. If you have money left buy buy the shovel inside the tavern.
At this moment you can decide whatever you want start doing some jobs for the Thieves Guild or continue with the main quest.
In case you decide stay in the City and start Guild jobs, go to the Rich quarter map (west exit from the Conwill). Guild is located in the most western part of the map. To enter the Guild you need fulfill two quests. If you want continue main story, continue with Quest - Griff alchemy ingredients.

Guild Quest - On the Guard
You get a flute. You need whistle on it on a certain spot during the night. Go back to the Conwill area and search for the balance symbol on the western side of the Shrine building. Balance symbol is drawn on the path and if you play with lower graphic resolution it could be hardly visible. If you still have trouble discovering it, just wait for the night and then whistle on every west square of the walkaway.
Magical bridge appears, it will lead you to the treasure.

Guild Quest - The Lucky Luke
The second Guild quest. You need find the four golden horseshoes. For its location check previous Lucky Luke quest description.

Quest - Griff alchemy ingredients
Backtrack to the Central beach and go to the starting point. Follow west and exit the map to the Rocky coast.
You need discover three ingredients here. In the southern area of the map are two of them. Yellow pearl – is in the central area where you need fight two Poison Herders and a worm. Kill it and you gain the pearl.
Green mole jerky – just north from the spot you have entered this map is a small cave, where you will fight green slime.

Continue to the northern part of the Rocky coast (switch on the wall in the middle will open the secret passage).
There is a spike portcullis nearby the Archery lounge shop (western part of the map), which you want open – button is opposite the portcullis, just on the top of the „mountain“. You need follow around and climb some ladders to get there. Do not follow the closed corridor in the north part of the map or you get ambushed by bandits. You can backtrack around them and if you feel strong enough you can fight them from behind. When the button is pushed, get trough the gate and there is regular looking borra mushroom nearby the rock. Pick it up – two zarchtons ambush you, but you have your last ingredient.
After returning to Griff you will get another assignment – to retrieve second part of the map from the Thieves den. Make sure you sold all unnecessary items and crap you have found and buy yourself some decent weapon / armor and of course if you need some food or torch.

Quest - The Outpost Assault
When exiting the city via south gate, Valtharion is going join your party. Do not forget his light magic could heal many of your injuries, which will save many healing potions. Leave the central beach via south-east exit. Welcome to the Outpost area.
There are many monsters roaming around you can kill, but your main goal is now to get on the top of the mountain, where is entrance to the dungeon. You will need kill some ratlings along the way.
There is not a way you can get lost in the Outpost dungeon, although some cave areas are quite enormous. At the end you will end on the cave ledge fighting some ratmans and if you follow the way, you will free last member of your party – Mortimer. Do not forget to break the bed inside the jail and take the key.
The bridge puzzle is quite simple – you need any throw an item to activate trigger on the left side and than you need throw two items with certain delay on the right side, so you can cross the bridge.
On the bottom of the canyon under the bridge could be discovered a scroll, telling you one of the puzzle combinations which you will need later on. Another combination is written on the scroll inside the spiders area you will have to fight trough. And finally third color combination is told to you by Mortimer just before entering the puzzle room itself.
With three known color combinations you should open the puzzle door. Before going further prepare for boss fight. Boss is not a hard opponent, however do not try tank him directly, you need to prove some basic floor-dance skill here and excellent timing, otherwise you will end dead. Some reinforcements could arrive during the fight, try deal with them first.
When you finally kill the Boss, pick up the loot and key from his chest, where you will discover second part of the map and more loot. Don't also forget pick up Mortimers shotgun from the pedestal. Proceed back to the city.
Recover and grab reward from Griff. It is time to visit the City council.

Quest - Graving Troubles
Council is located in the north-east part of the Rich quarter. After getting the quest, visit the gravedigger located next to the Griff shop. He will provide you with some information's.
Before exiting the city, make yourself good equipped, first long dungeon is ahead. You will need at least some food, torches, shovel, enough ammo and some solid spell for a mage (if you do not have enough skill points, you can buy this spell ahead and learn it on the journey, you will gain enough experience to level up).
Follow a way to the graveyard on the Central beach. Note all the notes from graves. You can also notice there are four Watcher statues around the graveyard.

Descend the dungeon. You will bump into first hard puzzle soon. You need insert inside each alcove certain amount of weight (items). Weight of the items need match correct answer for each question / riddle.
The mathematical row – answer is 2
Number of watchers – answer is 4
answer for riddle (its asking about number of candles in the main corridor) – 6
one letter missing – answer is 1 (if you put together all the alphabets / numbers from the graves you will get GR.VE. one missing is A=1

When the puzzle is solved, follow the corridor, killing some skeletons along the way. In one of the room (where you discover first artifact) is a breakable wall – and thus a secret. In another room is big secret button which will allow you continue further, you need take some damage stepping on the fire trap. In the next hallway you can click only button where the sack is currently behind the portcullis, else you will have to fight quite skilled undead creature.
Some more undead are awaiting in the nearby room, you have to kill them one by one. Some minor puzzles ahead you will end with two keys. Before entering the trapped room you will get warning – what you need to do is enter the room and hide behind the grave to avoid a fireball. Than wait few seconds till all the fireballs are gone and quickly cross the room avoiding the burning fire (choose left side around the grave). Jump into the water before timer goes off. If not, you are dead.
Follow left corridor, destroy some mummies, gain some loot and you will eventually have last opportunity to retreat back to the City.
If you are ready, go back to the Fireball room and continue further south, descending deeper into the dungeon in the narrow cascade passage. Just when you fall from the first stair, there is a small secret button if you turn around. It will lead you to a room with some graves and treasures. You can dig in front of the graves to gain more loot. And you can dig as well in front of the grave located in the main Fireball-trap room.
When all secrets discovered, finally descend to next dungeon level 2

Here you need always disable all the force field to process further. Draw it on paper if it is too hard for you.
There is a secret also. Small secret button in almost all the puzzle "levels", if you press them all, secret is revealed at the end.

You discover three resurrection crystals -- each of them however could be used only once so use it only if some party member is dead.

That was easy. As next you have to fight uggardian without chance to stop walking. Basically this fight is really easy, it just confirm you are able to do walking AND attacking at the same time. So just dance around the boss, attacking him when you have good opportunity. Using long distance attacks / spells is also a possibility.

After defeating the boss another hard challenge is in front of you – the room, which you need discover square by square. There are several ways how to cross it – either by reaching the key in the west-north part or entering the teleport. It is just up to you. There is also a secret button on the east wall in the lower part of the room, which will disable magic field around the altar if you want that treasure.

Level 3
You need four skeleton keys. Once you enter any corridor better do NOT sleep, till you obtain the key from particular corridor. Otherwise ghostly skeletons are spawned in that particular corridor. Some players ended totally prisoned and overuned by them, so better not to risk it. You can stop this by destroying the tapestries (just click on it)

North-west part
You will be locked on a square with the grave. All you need is to blees it – casting the paladin spell. Rest of the corridor is quite simple to solve. There is one breakable wall with secret behind it in the northern part.

North-east part
You will enter narrow hall, where spikes are going to kill you. To prevent it, search left wall and find secret button. As for the boss battle – all you need to do is to imprison him in the middle of the room, behind the pushable blocks. It need some time to practice, but it is not so hard at the end. And there is also one breakable wall secret within east part of corridor.

South-west part
the 888 riddle is saying you have to „write“ the 8 three times by walking in the specified direction like if you want write number 8 with a pen three times.

South-east part
You need solve the color issue as fast as possible pushing button in certain order. If you look at the rainbow, you will know the solution. There is also a secret button in the room with the key.

Level 4
Final boss fight ahead. First always eliminate regular mummies so you can eventually keep some distance from the mummy lord. Other than that he is quite easy opponent. Loot the treasure and get teleported back to the surface.

Pick up your reward together with another quest assignment. Before exiting the Conwill city via the east gate, make sure you visit Griff and refresh your party, buying what you need for another long run. You can eventually always return.

Quest - The Big Troubles
As the bridge is broken, you can only investigate west side of the map. In the southern part there is a secret button on one of the ruined wall, leading you underground for some loot and it is also a shortcut to one of the previous area. You can explore the Watchtower surrounding for some loot and experience, but at the end you have to enter the Watchtower.
Level 1
Ogres are tough opponents, never tank them directly. Your warriors should have some decent weapons to beat the armor. Spells are quite handy as well. There is lots of breakable walls into this area as well as some secret buttons. One of the larger secret is hidden directly inside the sanctuary room. As stated by Valtharion you need to pray. Just cast bless spell in front of the altar to open secret door with quite fine weapon for him to revenge death of his brothers. Descend to the second level via the pit.

Level 2
There is a key in the northern room under one of the bed, which will open the library. There you will find key to the Armory if you want find some good loot.
As for the cultists, you need break the magical shield first (any damage will do).

Several secrets – on of the cave-in in the northern area could be destroyed. The same is true for cave-in located in the west-south area, where is another locked chest.
As in the previous level, there are some breakable walls around.
If you feel strong enough you can try go to the north-east area of the map (fall into the water to get there), there is small graveyard located with some nasty lighting spiders. You can return here later in the game as well.

Level 3
Getting hot here. Progress slowly try keeping all your members alive, sleeping after each encounter. You will get to the point, where is button on the wall, which is triggering teleport field. Trick is to take some projectile into the cursor, throw it into the teleport direction and QUICKLY turn around and click the button, so projectile hits the field. It needs some synchronization and practice, eventually magical bridge will appear over the lava and you can cross over.
There is a secret area in the northern part of the map, where statue is informing you about the crystal – the crystal on nearby wall is click-able.

When you are ready, quickly cross the southern bridge and prepare for the hardest fight so far.
You are not able to defeat the overlord in this phase of the game. The only way is collapse the portal and than retreat. If you do not have fireball spell, you need use Overlords fireball projectile to destroy the portal – lure him in the way of the portal, he will shoot on you, step away and fireball hits the portal. This process will every time release one monster from the portal which you need destroy.
As you do have only limited amount of space to operate here, all these fights are difficult, but with some spell shields / potions you can manage. After defeating each of the spawned monster, you should always refresh your party with potions, make prepared yourself for next monster coming. The hardest is probably black slime because of lots HP and its blinding projectile.
When portal is destroyed, run quickly away, which will collapse the cave. Now you can retreat back to the city, where you are able to resurrect your dead members eventually, pick up the reward and refresh yourself.
Prepare yourself for a long trip, exit the Conwill via north gate.

Message to mage Zashan
The Conwill Forest
This area is the crossroad for many important and interesting places to go. Regarding the main story, you just need follow the road, keeping the east direction. Battle some herders and many crowerns to exit the map via east exit.

The Swamp
Follow south as far as you can, entering the ruins in the higher area. Battle some cultists here. Cross the bridge, falling to the small island where zarchtons will ambush you. Defeat them, trigger plate. Climb back to the ruins, cross the bridge again, where spear door are opened. Shoot a projectile in a direction where you see another plate, it will open another spear door. Backtrack to the entrance, following east direction. Climb up, getting trough that opened door. Next bridge is missing one square, just fall into that spot, this will enable it. Climb up again, this time crossing the bridge. Follow east path, climbing up the mountain. Exit the Area.

Secrets and special places
-there is a small lonely herder in the nort-west part of the map. He is missing the green-slime part which is in the south-east part of the map. After giving it to it, he will lead you to the spot where you need to dig.
- four buttons in the north-east part of the map. There are four scrolls aroung this map which are telling you how many times to press each button. This will open the gate with some extra loot
- almost before exiting the map via the east exit, you can fall down in to narrow canyon, where is dead body with some extra loot
- whole non-mandatory dungeon entrance to the Sleeper Lair
- non-mandatory socoban puzzle in the north-west part
- crowern figurine inside the nest (north-east)
- one meteorite part (near crowern figurine)
- some locked chests with extra loot

The Pale village
Descend down the cliff (do not fall your you will die). You need get into the Pale village. You can either fall into the river, climbing up nearby bridge, or choose harder path, clearing all the monsters, avoiding the trap in the forest (eventually you can of course fall into and try defeat the underground horrors). At the end you will end in the village.
Many thing to do here, visit tavern, Elune, refresh yourself. You can from now also freely travel between Conwill and the Pale village.
Zashan tower is located in the north-east part of the map, you need fight some slimes to get there. Put invitation letter inside the alcove and enter the Pale Tower.

The Pale Tower
Level 1
You need put something inside the chest to open the door. In the upper part of the level, there are many slimes to fight. Make sure you have good weapons and potions ready.

Level 2
Check the picture on the wall, that's the way how statues need to be placed. In case picture is blur for you, change your graphical resolution.

Level 3
You need click the buttons from the „youngest“ to the „oldest“ regarding the statue age. You can guess which statue is the oldest (granny) and which is the youngest (talks like a little child) and you can also guess another child, which is a little older. Only two statue remain – mom and her sister (you do not know which one is which). Also you do not know if you should press the buttons from youngest to oldest or vice versa. In the end that makes 6 possible combinations how to press the buttons, which is easy to try.

Level 4
correct order to walk trough teleports is -
magic lies in challenging what seems impossible
To walk trough the fire traps you can use the fire shield rod. In case you do not have enough concentration to cast the spell, you will take the damage.
Finally you meet the Zashan.

Quest - The Library
Do not forge visit Zashan again to check his shop. Multi-elemental spells are the most strongest spells able to smash majority of the opponents.
When you are ready prepare to descend into the Library. Follow east exit from the Pale village to reach the Frozen lake.
Only who offers something useful to dead could proceed – answer is quite simple, you will need bones to be placed on the pedestals. Elune is selling some in case you do not have it.
Fight your way to the middle of the Lake and descend into the dungeon.
The Lake Underground Level 1
Follow east. There is a secret button in one of the room with crates. Otherwise you will end in the corridor with easy puzzle – just throw some projectile into the teleport to open the door for you.
The Lake Underground Level 2
Very annoying level. You need some patience here. Goal is to kill all the tricksters. The most easy way is lure one by one and let them die in the flying spells. You can of course try fight them as well which is really dangerous but it is fun. Spells shields are quite handy here. Do not worry if some party member dies, there is a resurrection crystal below.
The Lake Underground Level 3
Just follow the trickster. There is a secret button in one of the southern blind corridors.
The Lake Underground Level 4
Fight the trickster boss – you need spells and range weapons. After you reach another healing crystal and also shortcut for the surface if you need replenish your equipment.
Descent into final level
The Lake Underground Level 5
First puzzle is quite easy. Second three-gems-puzzle is easy as well. Hint is – RGB colors.
There is a secret button along the way into the illusion room.
As for the illusion crabs, you need get away from the middle of the room as son as possible otherwise they will screw you.
Four-puzzle room – every time one word is missing, which is the item you will need. Fortune cookie, Healing potion, Fire napalm , Silver coin. If you do not have any you need backtrack to buy it (hot napalm could be bought in the archery lounge in the Rocky coast eventually)
The last trickster puzzle is to find and click the right trickster. f you look carefully, one of them have hardly visible dust particles around of him – that it. Grab the reward, key and descend into the library.

The Library
Trick here is to find four levers, which will open the main door for your quest item. To reach each of the lever, you need click the right combination on the „stars“ in the southern part of the library. The right combination could be guessed by finding the right part of the library, which has NOT number 0, 7, 8 or 9 in it. If so, it is the combination (for example Row 5534 - Local Studies means you have to make the stars shape into 5 5 3 and 4 to open the passage for lever)

After finding the book (do not forget pick up frozen figurine in one of the alcoves) return back to Zashan.

At this stage of the game you should be also able to finish remaining Thieves Guild quest if you want.

Guild Quest - The Hunter and Hunted
There is an entrance to the dungeon in west-north part of Conwill Forest. Clear it to gain the chalice from a dead's man bag.

Guild Quest - Troubles in the Pale Village
There is only one locked building inside the Pale village. You will get trapped after a while and you need fight your way out, which is quite hard fight (you really need some good equipment and spells here). As you finish this quest, no more Thieves guild are available as for now (maybe in next versions...)

Quest - Fly Away
You need three crowern figurines. You can find them -
The Outpost area (south-west part)
The Conwill forest (middle area, hidden near the wall where you can climb crossing the bridge)
The Swampy area (north-east part)

Quest - The Legends
Visit City council for some more details. Then reach the Outpost area - the bridge is fixed. Go over, head north and east. There is a plate over the spike door which you can activate by throwing some porjectile from different position.
Reach the Highsnow Area. Reach the top of the mountain, battle everything you meet along. Defeat the Dragon. In case you have Hunter skill maxed you will get dragon scale for forging the dragon armor. Also at this moment you have all the obeliscs available and you can discover the Treasure.

Quest - The Treasure
This is basicaly the main quest from the start of the game. You should have the map from Griff, showing you all the obelisc locations. Each of the obeliscs is telling you which way to follow and you NEED visit all of them to discover the Treasure. Visiting some of them is quite tricky however.

I - easy to reach
II - it is buried underground, you need clear the dungeon to reach it
III - easy to reach
IV - easy to reach
V - easy to reach
VI - You need follow north from the Outpost area. THe Ice guardina blocking the way need Ice figurine which you can find isnide the Library
VII - you need give the snail figurine to the rat inside Archery lounge. To obtain it you need deliver three crowern figurines to the merchant in the centre of conwill forest. After, the rat is going ot l give you key from his chest inside the archery lounge which is telling you what to do - you need to dig up on specific place in specific time (gain watch from the thieves guild shop to know what time it is)
VIII - no need to kill the magma golems, just reach the obelisc
IX - easy to reach

Follow instructions from each obelisc to reach the Treasure. Final decision is of course up to you :)

Rest of the game

Your next quest is to find two elemental essences.
Head to the Nethelen Ruins. First, you need to open the first gate / defeat the elemental - when you press the lever, fireball is released in the air above your head. You need manipulate the air teleporters fast to trigger the receptor with the fireball (receptor is the "iron mask on the pedestal" - just look around, you will spot it. When elemental is released, you need to do the same again - just the receptor is moved into another position and it will be more difficult now as elemental is roaming around (lure him away from the triggers if required and then fast solve the puzzle)

When you climb up (remaining obelisc is here - you should be able to find the Treasure now - do it !) there is huge flooded open-area. You need find four keys here.

First is in north-west area under the water. To get here you need activate the pressure plate nearby (under the shrine) throwing some projectile on it.
Second is hidden in south-west chest and to get it is quite complicated run around (you need reach east end on the bridge and fall under the water where you can follow up. Finally you get the scroll showing you to drop something down, which will enable the force field.
Third key you can gain if you hit all three pressure plates in the middle part of the area with some projectiles.
And finally last key is REALLY only for true brain-brakers to discover. There is sign telling you need force the solution sometimes and a pressure plate nearby. What you need to do is cast force field spell (you need staff of force field) north of the plate (into air), QUICKLY go around (climb ladders, drop to the bridge) and shoot some projectile into field direction - it will stop it and activate the plate so you can quickly go over activated force field.

Descent underground, put torch in the holder and discover some necessary items for the underwater adventure.

Visit the museum in Conwill and watch pictures where is the pyramid visible. At this time you need to be on the Rocky coast, force field is disabled at this time and you can descend under the water.
In the first underwater area your goal is to find four water orbs and three gems. Some orbs could be swallowed by turtles, you will need kill them all. As for the gems puzzle watch its weight, it is the answer.
Finally you arrive into the Atlantian pyramid.

Before entering the Pyramid, you should discover the Treasure – you will gain here lots of money to buy healing crystals / potions and some best equipment will help you here greatly. There is no mercy regarding the difficulty and some enemies.
The pyramid is old crumbled place, connected via many deadly traps, pits and teleporters. your main goal is here to discover at least 15 pieces of the black ash and of course explore the whole pyramid. To do so, you will need to find four keys.

In the very first room fall down and fight some zombie-turtles. From this room are leading 4 routes – each of them will lead you to the key at the end.

North route
Northern route has two possible ways – east and west. First follow east, avoid some pendulums. Portcullis is in your way, that’s ok – just put some item on the plate behind it. Return back and follow the west hallway (still north route). There is nothing you can do now in the snake room, just follow up to the stairs. Kill some snakes and run trough the corridor with turning-teleporters. There is a secret button in this corridor btw.
Burden the plate behind the first portcullis.
Climb up the stairs, and put down some item trough the pit behind the portcullis – this will burden the remaining plate below and it will open the door nearby. Snake pit is opened – climb down, kill all the snakes, climb down again twice and enter the teleporter – first key is yours.

West route
riddle C 1 V 10 - 100 I 5 - ? answer is 10 – that’s how many times you need to trigger the plate.

East route
make map of the teleporter room, so you know where to go. Climb down and prepare yourself before. You will need to avoid the fireballs / poison dart projectiles and run north. It is quite hard – don’t forget cast fire shields and use any potions. At least one party member need make it trough. Press the lever – this will teleport you for the next key.

South route
The armored guardian is easy to kill – just lure him to the execution room and let him run over the spikes. There is a secret button nearby.
In next room kill all the fire undead, pick the sickle and eventually wait some time – secret door will be opened automatically.
Next floor is huge. You will need activate several plate triggers with some projectiles, there are some secrets as well. The corridor with fireballs could be avoided by triggering the secret button just at the beginning of the hall. Otherwise nothing exceptional. Progress to the bottom of the pyramid. Here just kill the fast mummy (let the faster win), teleport yourself and prepare for some serious snake-fight. Defeat them all and teleport for the last key.
Final stash of ash is lying on the throne. Pick it up and teleport yourself back to the surface. You should have at least 15 ash pieces. Visit Zashan.

Air element
Special place of which Elune is talking could be found in the Conwill forest area.

Elemental Tower
The End. You need healing shards, paladin with resurection spell and at least one adventurer with maxed fire resistance. Otherwise your chances of survival are minimal. You should forge any item you want and make / buy some potions, because this is the last dungeon and all before was just a joke. Dragon armor will help greatly, fire spell shield is necessary as well.
Avae should know some grandmaster attack spell to deal with creatures - ice / water combination works best here of course. Paladin secret Might spell will increase your chances as well. Keeping Valtharion alive to resurrect your other champions is main goal.

you need four meteors to enter the Tower. Locations - the Outpost, Highsnow, Swamp, Rocky Coast
Room with lava - use some items to discover where to go. Take care, when returning back path is changed !

First floor
Try kill the imp, but do not risk chasing him, or you get suronded and killed. If you kill it you will save some troubles later on. Otherwise this floor is just one huge fighting area where you cant run away. If you have all mentioned above you will suceed.
Table riddle - pay a golden coin here.

The End
If you have survived the Elemental tower, you should be able to win the final fight. Dreadlord in his first form is vulnerable to the most of the spells, especialy if you have saved some freeze bombs. The second form you need slash face to face without knowing how many hp your opponent has. Good luck !
History Log:
version 3j
- Zimber's assets in action:
-- Thawing and chill potion
-- flowing river and waterfalls
-- many ratling NPCs just hanging around
-- imp, imp lord and heretic
-- many old monsters with new abilites causing freeze, burn, bleeding, disarming etc.

- Elemental tower level 2 and 4 reworked (new layout, boss fight, etc.)
- new mini area next to the Highsnow where you can learn any hero a trait (one ruby - Head Hunter etc...)
- crowern merchant moved a little, so the dialogue will not interrupt the game so often
- worm area inside the Hideout reworked a little
- dexterity potion recipe added
- new potion of pernament protection including recipe
- fire napalm renamed to hot napalm to clear library items-riddle
- some shop items change (skulls not sell-able etc.)

BUGs fixed:
- no longer snowing when using Pale village-Conwill city teleport
- fixed bug where you can stuck on Cemetery level 2 puzzle
- poison shield and poison dart correction
- some new dialogues, corrections and grammar corrections thanks to Alex Diener youtube walktrough !
- some object facing corrections

Buffs / Debuffs
- Mummy Lord is stronger (again !)
- Valtharion starting mace debuffed a little, Hammer of Vengeance buffed a little
- Poison crowerns buffed a little

Still not fixed
- invisible automap walls

version 3i
- first conversation in the Blue Inn cannot be skipped
- starting dialogue shorten up
- Shrine icon added in Pale village automap
- The Hammer of Revenge bug fixed (higher stats, no longer life leech)
- The Master boss has 50 less HP
- Mummy Lord now drains more energy when hit and is stronger
- ghost skeleton giving less xp and draining more xp damage
- Valtharion Mace improved a lot
- NEW WEAPON: Knife thrower
- NEW BLUEPRINT: Valtharion Mace upgrade
- NEW ITEM: Tome of reset skillpoints
- Quest item Green mole jerky has green aura around it
- some shop management (more items to buy and sell)
Zashan selling Tome of the wisdom
it is possible to sell some artifacts
More copper for some sellable items
Blue Inn has Rum potion

- some grammar correction(s)
- some texting slightly improved and some hints and events added

Version 3h - 17.4.2016
- the Nethelen Ruins are no longer acessible from the start of the game as it could cause serious bug later on
- some Zashan dialogues slightly changed to reflect current progress
- more tips

Version 3g
bugs fixed:
- pellet box no longer sold-able
- Bloodhound no loger travel around Ogre magi room accidentally (if you killed him in version 3f first, game crashed)
- concentrated energy potion is now giving 225 energy instead 150

-- healing crystal added to the Watchtower Level 3
-- mummy plate puzzle replaced with another puzzle
-- mithril legs added, mithril set extra bonus
-- special trait when Golden armor set suited up including the Might spell
-- thieves guild basement area expanded after completing Pale village quest
-- more tavern tips
-- some weapons slightly upgraded
-- one new recipe
-- two new custom music
-- replaced tomb lanterns with minmay orbs
-- shop item list upgraded a little
-- few cosmetic graphical changes
-- secret recalculation - total of 24 secrets now

Version 3f - 1.2.2015
- final grammar check done (I think about 90% of the content was checked / fixed). This is final state.
- few minor bugs reported fixed (thanks bongobeat for valuable input)
- some minor graphical glitches fixed
- some ladders issues resolved
- swamp sokoban puzzle re-done and solvable
- treasure chest in Atlantis level 4 contains loot now
- cure petrify spell added to the game (Valtharion could teach / cast it)
- obelisk texture problem fixed
- some more hints trough the game added (detailed scroll informations)

version 2d
- critical bug with missing model fixed. this was result of previous optimization

version 2c released
- right-clicking on empty hand do not longer crash the game
- sword slasher trait working correctly
- poison bolt spell can be learned
- more optimizations, definitely not final
- coins cannot be throw over the shop tables
- some grammar check
- some graphical glitches corrected

version 2b 8.5.2015

- fixed pierce bonus for mace weapons and all weapon skill proficiency skills re-checked as well
- Frozen lake area could be reached only AFTER saving Zashan
- Bridge Watchtower issue resolved definitely
- Watchtower area could be crossed after bridge is fixed
- Ruins of nethelen bug with elemental fight fixed
- some Archery lounge shop correction, crossbow could be bought without crash
- five new recipes
- whole Torchbearer set could be found
- fixed many graphical glitches reported by players
- some grammar checks

version 2a
- fixed non-working teleport in Lake underground Level 1 which made player stacked (do not go into this area in older version of dungeon)
- resolved bridge problem in the Watchtower Area (bridge was in some cases corrected from the beginning)

minor corrections:
- fixed missing wall texture in Pale village Elunes shop and some other texture problems
- fixed some minor issues reported by players (graphical glitches etc...)
- improved some dialogues logic and more grammar check done

public version 2 released

- huge optimization (tomb materials cut as advised by minmay, wonderful check from Skugg (about 30 mb cut-off), almost whole Asia set removed
- paladin first spell appears in Trait tab
- the rum bug fixed
- the water plane in starting level improved (still final solution in development - huge thanks to Isaac for this)
- Elune's quest could be completed now
- more grammar checks done

known bugs not fixed yet:
- city tileset graphical problems
- mace piercing bonus doesn't work
- many minor graphical and grammar glitches

first public version released

testing still in progress. dungeon is overall done from about 70% I have planned, but it will be released in this stage soon.

beta 2 released
known bugs:
Watchtower bridge is not broken
mortimers chest in Pale village do not require key

update 8.4.2015 - testing still in progress.

beta 1e version available

fixed bugs:
- CRITICAL BUG --- leaving the Sleepers main Lair room no longer makes the game crash
- corrected missing wall inside Wrecked Ship
- corrected missing logic with one answer in dialogue with Quin Moltenjewel
- Odins Crown and Aegis shield item identify works correctly now, overall identify script changes as well

- cemetary weight puzzle new hints added
- now you can backtrack directly from the Pale village to Riverdale Marsh via new exit
- shop and important location descriptions added to the automap
- new two quests available for the Thieves Guild
- many many cosmetic changes and some hints added trough whole dungeon
- grammar check still in progress

update 31.3.2015
testing in progress, no critical bugs discovered so far. Thanks to AdrTru, Isaac, RMariano, Leki for some feedback

update 21.3.2015
beta version available for volunteers. When receive some feedback, will release it for public.

update 17.3.2015
still testing and improving many ideas. Alpha version available, beta to be released within this month to volunteers

update 11.3.2015
finished my first walktrough, working on some kind of beta version which will be released to volunteers.

update 4.3.2015
about 50% of the dungeon is done and I started testing it, so some beta version could be released.Currently I am issuing some (memory) problems, which making the dungeon unplayable :/

update 18.2.2015
1000 hours in editor reached.
Writing dialogues and creating GUI dialogues. When finished I am planning some testing demo for volunteers. Huge thanks to sapientCrow and Soaponarope for grammar checking.

update 4.2 2015
900 hours
concentrating more on writing story texts and conversation elements as I expected GUI to be released soon.
also creating new items, defining skills / traits.
Conwill city done including some side-quests, shops etc.

update 19.1.2014
still improving and polishing recent areas, no general progress. As sx_city conversion by Eleven is almost finished Iam going to edit city as well. writing some texts, preparing for John GUI dialogue system.

update 5.1.2014
680 hours
improving recent areas, working or party setup, writing some texts...overall just polishing what was already done.

update 28.12.2014
because of large amount of texts, I am searching for somebody who will provide some help with grammar check.
otherwise there was more or less cosmetic issues done during holidays, not a big progress, but I think some details could make the difference :)

update 17.12.2014
500 hours
1/3 of the dungeon finished

update 11.12.2014
450 hours of editing
- starting areas finished
- first dungeon finished
- second dungeon editing in progress
- many other areas (both indoor / outdoor) in progress (about 10 levels)

update 30.11.201
400 hours of editing
- overall world map done (I think :)
- started work on particular areas and making first dungeon layouts.
- part of the Conwill city done
- starting Area almost finished
- hard story-elements already in my mind

update 19.11.2014 - 300 hours of editing
editing outdoor areas and overall map borders
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Re: [MOD - WIP] - Eye of the Atlantis - 5% done

Post by Drakkan » Sat Nov 01, 2014 2:32 pm


"Three Sunsets" is the name of collection from famous painter Dusktorch. Copies could be seen in the main city of Conwill, original are however lost forever as is the painter herself. On first two pictures you can see a pyramid in the background, which as experts says is only the imagination of the painter, becasue of course there are no pyramids in the Rocky Beach. Other says, Dusktorch was able to see the mythical City of Atlantis.
We provide enormous reward in case you will find any original and return it to the museum.

-- City council of Conwill --

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Re: [MOD - WIP] - Eye of the Atlantis - 7% done

Post by Doridion » Sat Nov 01, 2014 2:48 pm

Hey hey, seems to going well !

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Re: [MOD - WIP] - Eye of the Atlantis - 7% done

Post by NutJob » Sat Nov 01, 2014 3:08 pm

Impressive undertaking and look forward to this module. 7%? You have 84.9 days left to completion! =)

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Re: [MOD - WIP] - Eye of the Atlantis - 7% done

Post by Ciccipicci » Sat Nov 01, 2014 3:31 pm

Looks very interesting!

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Re: [MOD - WIP] - Eye of the Atlantis - 7% done

Post by Slade » Sat Nov 01, 2014 7:00 pm

Cool to see there are people who are dedicated with LoG modding! Long life for Legend of grimrock!

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Re: [MOD - WIP] - Eye of the Atlantis - 7% done

Post by Drakkan » Sat Nov 01, 2014 8:44 pm

NutJob wrote:Impressive undertaking and look forward to this module. 7%? You have 84.9 days left to completion! =)
well...not sure if that is good or bad news :D
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Re: [MOD - WIP] - Eye of the Atlantis - 7% done

Post by Drakkan » Mon Nov 03, 2014 7:39 pm

Welcome new day in the City of Conwill

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Re: [MOD - WIP] - Eye of the Atlantis - 8% done

Post by Batty » Mon Nov 03, 2014 8:41 pm

Looking good! I would like to know your % complete algorithm :lol: So far, you went from 7% to 8% by adding City of Conwill so each location = 1%? :)

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Re: [MOD - WIP] - Eye of the Atlantis - 8% done

Post by Drakkan » Mon Nov 03, 2014 8:48 pm

Batty wrote:Looking good! I would like to know your % complete algorithm :lol: So far, you went from 7% to 8% by adding City of Conwill so each location = 1%? :)
city is far away from completition to be honest :d awaiting some crazy stuff from Skugg. But at least I have finished some outdoor layouts, so every percent counts, right ? :d btw: that algorithm is big unknown to me as well :d
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