Adding tag to existing object

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Adding tag to existing object

Post by Torquemada » Mon Apr 15, 2019 12:10 am

I wanted to make the editor a bit easier to use by redefining the object filter, for example make a new filter called "vegetation" so I can easily find all trees, bushes, flowers, etc. To do that I need to add an extra tag to the corresponding object called "vegetation". Is it possible to add a property to existing object without having to redefine the whole object?
Say instead of adding

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	name = "forest_grass_01",
	baseObject = "base_floor_decoration",
	components = {
			class = "Model",
			model = "assets/models/env/forest_grass_01.fbx",
			castShadow = false,
			dissolveStart = 2,
			dissolveEnd = 4,
			class = "Animation",
			animations = {
				sway = "assets/animations/env/forest_grass_01_idle.fbx",
			playOnInit = "sway",
			loop = true,
			maxUpdateDistance = 5,
	editorIcon = 240,
	reflectionMode = "never",
	minimalSaveState = true,
	tags = { "vegetation" },
I could simply do something line this:

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forest_grass_01.tags = {"vegetation"}

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Re: Adding tag to existing object

Post by 7Soul » Mon Apr 15, 2019 3:16 am

No, you have to redefine all items/objects and add tags manually


You can download the files I'm using on my project which I already did that: zip file
It has more items than a default project so you'll still have to go through and delete my items. As far as I can remember the only thing I changed was the weight of some armors and maybe some sets, and there's some extra code in the stat potions and the 'onUseItem' function I added to foods
I also added some accessories and they wont work without the extra code so remember to remove them
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