Project Default Town Map

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Re: Project Default Town Map

Post by Curunir » Fri May 11, 2018 6:54 pm

I'm sorry, zimber was right. I am done as well, this is no use.

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Re: Project Default Town Map

Post by AndakRainor » Fri May 11, 2018 11:22 pm

Well I think there's nothing to fight over here, if Pompidom's project is too big for him, he will learn it the hard way :)

You have already plenty of mods available that are very close to the base game, so there is no issue with trying something different. We all have different tastes and enjoyed different games in the past. I was a fan of dungeon master and the Ishar series. Two very different dungeon crawlers. The second was more an RPG and it inspired me for the mods I'm currently working on. It's okay if you don't like those games, but I do.

Yes Grimrock does not directly support those features, and we are free to mod any other games we want :)
To me it's clear that Almost Human had to focus on what they felt were the essential features they wanted to build a realistic project under business pressure. That's fine, and we don't have this pressure as modders. Most modders who are too ambitious just give up at some point.

That said, I prefer the idea of a template dungeon as ressource for modders to another dungeon project with several authors. And to be used by inexperienced authors, it will have to be very well thought and nicely organized, or people will just struggle with it a few hours and then give up. And this will require some design and coding skills, I'm afraid. Pompidom you will have to put some effort into this part, or find some slaves :)

PS: Pompidom, nice to see someone min/maxing so much in Magic of Grimrock, maybe more than me in my play tests :)

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Re: Project Default Town Map

Post by Pompidom » Sat May 12, 2018 1:49 am

Considering I have 0 experience with the Grimrock editor, I don't consider this bad for 1 hour of work

I'll just make a town the best I can and just wait until someone can get me the script for the clunky alcove shops.
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Re: Project Default Town Map

Post by Isaac » Sat May 12, 2018 5:46 am

Pompidom wrote:Why try to make something original when you can just copy the good stuff from much more talented modders.
You release an asset pack for other modders to copy and use. And when someone actually wants to copy and use your assets simply for the sake of getting more content out there, it's all suddenly a big no-no to you.
As I see it, [as in from my own perspective]... the contention would seem to be similar to someone having joined an art guild, where there are many who would teach, encourage, and even help in the in the creation of welcome new works of art. But that this person is seen as wanting to make art from cut-out copied bits of the paintings from the other artists.

IE. It's like entering the guild art show with a photo collage made from the other entries.

Embellishing a dungeon with community resources is expected—even appreciated (by the asset designers), but building the whole dungeon from pre-fab models, and scripts (Official assets aside ;)), while not being technically wrong, of course) could be seen as a bit bristling to some.

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Re: Project Default Town Map

Post by Pompidom » Sat May 12, 2018 11:17 pm

Considering most of that content never made it in a enjoyable mod, I don't really see the issue :)
I'm not planning to waste my time trying to be original or be creative.

I just want to powercharge through heaps of monsters while solving some puzzles.
Gameplay over graphics :)

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