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Re: Wooden floor breaking definition

Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:38 pm
by Xardas
oh, and Xardas; what type of mod are you making (if you are making one)?
I´m working on an open world mod, where the Player has to collect essences, which are hidden in the different Levels in order to access the final dungeon and kill the endboss. Includes Shops and hopefully i will learn how to make some proper sidequests, you can get by asking some guys. Every Level will have it´s own theme.

There might be one more update to this. I have an experimental version that allows the floors to be burned away with fire (and they fall while on fire, and can potentially burn through the floor below if there is one); but it's not ready to upload.
This sounds great! I would already know where to use it. :)

Thrown Bomb items & Thrown heavy projectile items (like a really large but throwable boulder)
- should be able to break through the floor if detonated over / lands on top of these breakable wood floor objects
That sounds like a great idea as well.