Software failure

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Re: Software failure

Post by Dr.Disaster » Wed Dec 26, 2018 7:39 am

Well without a GTX 10-Series card hooked up to an UHD Screen there is not much i can check to recreate your issue.

Since the game works when it's run in windowed mode it should not be a DirectX issue.
So my best bets would be:

a) removing the 3D videos modes by either disabling VR support or uninstalling the 3D part of the nVidia driver.
(I never use 3D so it's useless for me anyway)

b) reducing your resolution (in general or in game options) to regular HD instead of UHD.

c) try borderless mode (display = 3) as a workaround.

Of course i'm assuming your driver settings are fine overall i.e. energie, Triple Buffer, V-Sync settings and such.

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