A request for UI scaling.

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Re: A request for UI scaling.

Post by Saurbaum » Sat Jan 21, 2017 12:00 pm

It's an Nvidia 940M I also have an intel chip in there but that does the same while running slower both are on the latest drivers from their respective suppliers. I agree on my other devices it's all fine. None of the other devices I have has the odd aspect ratio 3:2 though.

Looking more if I pick resolutions with an aspect ratio that are narrower than my screen it works but wider does not. It feels more like a bug in the UI code than the graphics driver.

Thank fully when it does happen the mouse over effect works so I can wave the cursor around till I can eventually increase the resolution and fix it.

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Re: A request for UI scaling.

Post by Dr.Disaster » Sat Jan 21, 2017 6:06 pm

I doubt it's the aspect ratio. It's more likely the active DPI setting in use confusing the video driver at some point. By defautl Windows uses 100% for scaling and offers 25% increments; how many depends on your resolution.

I could reproduce this odd mouse behavior once in a virtual environment by setting the display scaling to 150% on purpose and then starting up LoG. The odd mouse behavior vanished after reverting the scaling back to 100%. After repeated changes of scaling and multiple restarts of LoG the effect went away as if the system had learned to adapt.

So you might want to play around with the display scaling a bit, perhaps you get lucky.

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