Herder's Den Farming

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Re: Herder's Den Farming

Post by trancelistic » Sat Jul 04, 2015 11:09 pm

I figured it out before even visiting this forum ( knowing of it)

Just kill all spores but one. IN the far right back ( right from the entrance inside) You can be safe and they don't even walk to you because the corner is to "big" for the A.I to understand. U can even sleep there. While the spawned monster pile up.

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Re: Herder's Den Farming

Post by ByFstugan » Wed Sep 07, 2016 5:39 am

minmay wrote:
Kholdy wrote:@minmay: How did you know that information? I thought they all spawned randomly. Did someone found out which spore spawns what somewhere?

Some of the spores have a different distribution of spawned herders; the second-to-eastmost one has the best for food/XP per unit of time (it spawns no small herders).
Hmmm... this didn't work for me... unless the one you talk about is the one that can be ranged shot before entering? That one I took out before I started, but as I recall it there must have been one between that one and the one furthest to the right. So - I got even small ones there. You sure about this? The one you talk about is second from the right in map-view right?
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Re: Herder's Den Farming

Post by ByFstugan » Thu Sep 08, 2016 3:29 am

Azel wrote:It's good not to stay in there too long, as you do eventually hit a cap to where leveling up no longer provides a large return.

Although I ended up just saving and logging out when I got fed up. I did it for 3 days straight until my main characters were level 15/16 and my Farmer was level 20 :P
I just finished Herder's Den also now... My Front Liners (with Spirit Mirror Pedants) were Lev 17 (76% to lev 18), and my Back Row Rouge(/Alchemist) Also Lev 17 (18% to lev 18)...

...My Farmer though... LEVEL 25 and I now have 11 SP I haven't placed on the farmer alone (My Front Liners have 4)!! ;D

It's my first time playing this, so I'm not really sure where to place them since they are kinda stuck if I do :)

I did this for two evenings and when I check the statistics the playtime in game has gone from 10h16m to 19h26m - which mean this took me about 9 hours effective gameplay (excludes reloads I guess, but there were not very many once I got the hang of it).

So far I've done very little in game I think (Levels visited, not cleared all, 18/34), since almost half my game was to get the two Spirit Mirror Pedants and the other half to farm Herders Den. Now the adventure shall begin :p

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