[Spoilers] Alchemy (Potion/Bomb) Compendium

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Re: [Spoilers] Alchemy (Potion/Bomb) Compendium

Post by ByFstugan » Sat Sep 03, 2016 8:34 pm

About the Permanent Stats potions... since you can only make as many as there are Crystal Flowers, and so far they seem rare... I wonder - to what partymember and what sort do you focus on? My question is mainly for my team, but general answers are fine to:

My team is:
Front Line: Lizardman Fighter, Heavy Weapons
Front Line: Insectoid Barbarian, Light Weapons
Back Row: Minotaur Alchemist, Thrower
Back Row: Ratling Farmer, Magic

...so... for now I mainly boosted my Front ling fighter with Tome of Knowledge, more HP and whatever it was more. But what permanent potions should I do and for who?

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