[Spoilers] Alchemy (Potion/Bomb) Compendium

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[Spoilers] Alchemy (Potion/Bomb) Compendium

Post by Enrun » Sat Oct 18, 2014 5:50 am

I love Alchemy in nearly any game and this game is no exception. Firearms and Alchemy together makes me love it even more. (Though am I the only one who noticed the alchemists 50% Firearm Jam reduction is useless once you get 5 ranks in Firearms?)

Anyway There are only 6 alchemy ingredients though they can be combined in up to any combination of 4 including multiples. Though there are no 4 ingredient recipes I have been able to find. You can begin mixing them as soon as you get a 'Mortar & Pestle' which is as soon as you enter the Forest. (Put 'Mortar & Pestle' in an Character's (trained in Alchemy) hand and right click like a weapon) I believe this list to be complete. Though I will add Alchemy "Ranks Required" as I discover them.

*Note: Potions can be right clicked from a characters inventory they don't have to be in a hand. Bombs need to be in a hand as a weapon.


Healing (Alchemy1) / Greater Healing Potion (Alchemy4)
*Instantly Restores 75 / 150 Health
-Blooddrop Cap
Energy (Alchemy1) / Greater Energy Potion (Alchemy4)
*Instantly Restores 75 / 150 Energy
Antivenom (Alchemy2)
*Cure Poison?
-Blooddrop Cap + Mudwort
Antitode (Alchemy2)
*Cure Disease?
-Etherweed + Falconskyre
Potion of Resurrection
*Bring a Character back from the dead
-Blackmoss + Blackmoss


Rage Potion (Alchemy4)
*Strength +20 (+10-20 damage). -1 every 8seconds until back to normal after 2:40min
-Blooddrop Cap + Falconskyre
Potion of Bear Form
*Turn into a bear (Strength +50 use Blear Claw Attack 15-30 + Strength) for 1/2 as many seconds as max energy (Note: Fills energy at start). Leaves you with 0 energy when done.
*Note: Bug? If dual-wielding you get double Bear Claw Attacks!
-Falconskyre + Mudwort
Shield Potion (Alchemy2)
*Protection +25 for 40 seconds
-Etherweed + Mudwort
Speed Potion
*Causes "Haste" (Recover from all actions in half time) for 50 seconds
-Etherweed + Falconskyre + Falconskyre

*Each increase the attribute by 1
Potion of Strength
-Crystal Flower + Blooddrop Cap

Potion of Dexterity
-Crystal Flower + Falconskyre

Potion of Vitality
-Crystal Flower + Mudwort

Potion of Willpower
-Crystal Flower + Etherweed

*Make anyone a mage! :-)
NOTE: If you are planning ot get Alchemy 5 wait to use any Blackmoss till then as you then make 3 bombs instead of 1 each time.
Fire Bomb
-Blackmoss + Blooddrop Cap

Frost Bomb
-Blackmoss + Etherweed

Poison Bomb
-Blackmoss + Mudwort

Shock Bomb
-Blackmoss + Falconskyre

-Klezzon for his excelent Spells Compendium, I hope you don't mind I barrowed your format. :-)
-Keau for the note on Resurrection Potions, I was just waiting to try it out.
-JJoschy for pointing out I had the Bear & Shield recipies backwards *oops*
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Re: [Spoilers] Alchemy Compendium

Post by Rubri » Sat Oct 18, 2014 9:35 am

I actually got incredibly bored and I think I figured it all out (At least the two ingredient potions. If there's ones for three or four ingredients, I've only scratched the surface there on getting through two sets of the four combination possibilities X.x...)

It's pretty simple,
Bombs are made with the... Mudwort I think, the purple spore looking nonsense. It, and any of the four first ingredients, excluding the purple stuff itself, and the crystal flower, so it's essentially firebombs, frost bombs, poison bombs, thunder bombs. After that, Crystal flower and anything makes the permanant stat boost potions. I believe in order of strength, willpower, health (Or whatever the stat is actually called) and dexterity.

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Re: [Spoilers] Alchemy Compendium

Post by Chimera005ao » Sat Oct 18, 2014 10:08 am

Anti-venom does indeed cure poison. There's a question mark there, so I thought I'd say it I guess.
Antidote cures disease, as well as petrification. Never tried it when blinded. Whole party seems to be anyways.
Of note, health potions cure injuries. SO helpful.
Resurrection potion: Brings party member back to life. Two blackmoss.
I have 9 recipe scrolls. If there are recipes that require three or four ingredients, I don't know them. I strongly suspect its for modders.

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Re: [Spoilers] Alchemy Compendium

Post by adamw1994 » Sat Oct 18, 2014 12:46 pm

How can I make a frost bomb? I have no idea how to do bombs

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Re: [Spoilers] Alchemy Compendium

Post by Chimera005ao » Sat Oct 18, 2014 9:28 pm

adamw1994 wrote:How can I make a frost bomb? I have no idea how to do bombs
Blackmoss (purple) makes bombs. So for frost bomb, use purple and blue. I don't remember all of the herb names. XP

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Re: [Spoilers] Alchemy Compendium

Post by Depili » Sun Oct 19, 2014 1:08 am

Alchemy 5 gives quite awesome stuff with the crystal flower:
Crystal + one of 4 different ingredients gives you a potion of strenght, dexterity, vitality or willpower, permanent +1 to that stat.

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Re: [Spoilers] Alchemy Compendium

Post by Keau » Sun Oct 19, 2014 5:41 am

blackmoss+blackmoss = resurrection

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Re: [Spoilers] Alchemy (Potion/Bomb) Compendium

Post by JJoschy » Sun Oct 19, 2014 12:07 pm

switch the recipe of shield and bear potion, there are wrong


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Re: [Spoilers] Alchemy (Potion/Bomb) Compendium

Post by trancelistic » Fri Nov 14, 2014 2:54 pm

I lost my mortar. Any 1 remembers where the second 1 was?. I backtraced so much but I'm clueless. I don't wanna start over:P

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Re: [Spoilers] Alchemy (Potion/Bomb) Compendium

Post by Batty » Fri Nov 14, 2014 4:55 pm

There are 126 possible recipe combinations (with repetition), I wonder if there are any secret recipes? :shock:

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