Can character progression choices lock you out of beating the game?

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Can character progression choices lock you out of beating the game?

Post by Babu » Tue Mar 12, 2019 9:32 am

I asked this question on the KOTOR subreddit recently. Some RPGs (e.g., Geneforge) become unbeatable if you don’t build your character very precisely. Other RPGs are beatable with any skillset, feat set, abilities, etc., and it’s simply the path to the end that is affected, allowing you to jump in and experiment.

Where does Legend of Grimrock fall? Do you have to create a specific party and level it a specific way if you want to see the end of the game? Is anything viable? Will any approach work with the caveat that you need to select one weapon skill and stick with it? I’ve played Grimrock with a party of my own and with a highly optimized but highly boring all-Minotaur party, though I never got far enough to see a difference.

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Re: Can character progression choices lock you out of beating the game?

Post by minmay » Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:02 am

There is one thing in Legend of Grimrock 2 that requires casting a spell, so you will need to have either a character with at least 1 skill point in Concentration (to wield a staff), or a battle mage or mage (which can cast spells with bare hands).
Aside from that, nothing is required. You could beat the game with all skills at 0 if you wanted, although killing things would be annoyingly slow. Evading monster attacks is the important part.

The game has unlimited experience available to level up and get more skill points, so you cannot actually lock yourself out of beating the game.

As far as skill balance goes:
Light weapons are by far the best weapons, much like the situation with swords in Grimrock 1, and an optimized party almost certainly has two light weapon users.
Throwing weapons are also far better than missile weapons or firearms.
Unlike in Grimrock 1 you actually get enough skill points to train more than one skill, so even the light weapons users will have skilling decisions to make after you max Light Weapons and Critical.

Again, though, the important part is evading monster attacks. Unlike in Grimrock 1, you cannot stunlock monsters, so standing in front of one and swinging is going to be bad no matter how optimized your party is.

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