Deluxe version of Grimrock 2

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Deluxe version of Grimrock 2

Post by Frenchie » Sun Jan 18, 2015 5:42 am

Back in the old days when you bought a game the extras were much more than the game. Besides Windows, Mac & Linux versions of both part 1 and 2 on cd or dvd, the soundtrack, artwork and a signed photo of the team what else would you like to have included. Of course this should be a limited offer only sold at GOG to support AH making LoG3 even bigger.

This I would like to include:
- a map of both regions would be nice printed on linen (probably hinted on where LoG3 would be)
- a novella (we have some talented writer fans)
- a comic
- a figurine of the end boss
- in-house documentary of AH's team

What would you like to include?

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Re: Deluxe version of Grimrock 2

Post by Anurias » Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:14 pm

Why only sell it at GOG? Anywhere it's sold the developers get paid...

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Re: Deluxe version of Grimrock 2

Post by JohnWordsworth » Sun Jan 18, 2015 11:40 pm

When 3D printers are common special editions will be able to come with limited edition 'blueprints' too!
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Re: Deluxe version of Grimrock 2

Post by Neutronium Dragon » Mon Jan 19, 2015 4:06 am

Some of that list might work, but other items would be really unlikely.

The map is probably the simplest and easiest one to see done because it already exists: a map of "The Northern Realms" was included in the first game's bonus content and it shows both Mt. Grimrock and the Isle of Nex.

Writing a novel or comic would probably require AH taking on an additional staff member just for that purpose. They could probably afford to at this point but the resources would be better spent on game content. Using fan-made stuff is problematic because it may not match up to what AH has in mind and it may also create some significant legal complications.

A figurine is really unlikely as general bonus content because it would require physical manufacture and shipping. I could see it as a standalone collector's item, but expect it to be pricey if so.

A documentary would be interesting, but again would require taking on someone to do it. This would have the advantage of being a shorter project (so it might not cost as much), but what would they show? Most of the work done at AH probably isn't very interesting to look at while it's happening, so this would only really be good if it also served as a sneak peak for something coming up.

What *I'd* like to see is the soundtrack, because I'd really rather stick to getting game-related things from game sites (and not have to deal with iTunes, etc). Not just the instrumental scores either - the ambient tracks would be great to have too.

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