Reverse engineering (was:Temporary modding) thread

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Re: Reverse engineering (was:Temporary modding) thread

Post by theruler » Tue May 01, 2012 2:04 am

Sol_HSA wrote:
naim wrote:And thank you for pointing out that DLC acronym, I was totally unaware of that. I was just thinking about how I could possibly name level files for LoG and came up with Dungeon Level Content. What a coincidence. ;)
It's amazing how much FPS(1) affects the FPS(2) when I play an FPS(3), especially when moving several FPS(4), whilst trying to use FPS(5) I paid with FPS(6), FPS(7)!

1) Four Point Surround
2) Frames Per Second
3) First Person Shooter
4) Feet Per Second
5) Fingerprint Scanner
6) Flexible Payment Service
7) For Pete's Sake
You're my hero. :D

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