[MOD]Toorum's Manor

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[MOD]Toorum's Manor

Post by bongobeat » Wed Jun 12, 2013 6:31 pm

Dear adventurers, monster hunters, puzzle seekers, tresor hunters, spell casters, skull breakers, wall readers, shoes wearers, let me introduce you to Toorum's Manor:

Long time ago, Toorum, the legendary battlemage, built his own keep in the Kartum valley with the help of King Ageral, near the border of the great Theareonan Empire.
You are a group of adventurers, mandated by the King, to investigate why Toorum didn't send any news since months. You will explore Toorum's manor, built on an old mine site and goes into the depths of the mountain. Mines, temples, ancient ruins, take some good shoes to fulfill your mission. You will walk a lot! Bring back Toorum, kill any hostiles, stay alive and report back to the King. As simply as that!

A full story mod, with lot of custom items (because I like carrying in my bag, 6 axes, 5 maces, 7 swords, 10 bows, 200 arrows and lots of food, I'm an athlete, oh yeah!), new treasures, 7 majors weapons for various skills (swords, axes, maces, throwing weapons, assassination, spellcraft and unarmed skills), weapon and items crafting, custom musics, custom sounds, one powerful armor set, 54 levels (count in the editor, but 10 of them are not levels), 2 endings possible, a short gameplay (more than 20 lvls) and a long one with boss fight (54 lvls), mix between exploration, puzzles and combat.

I apologize for my english which is not really good so if you find a bad translation, please post it here or give me a pm.

(This first post was edited to be the one with all informations, links, screenshots, ect...)

Current version: 1.49

versions: 1.49 to 1.48
Version 1.49:
removed 29.8Mb of textures (most specular from dm pack, mine, also some unused textures/copy, the red beholder model and texture, the skyboxe2 model and texture - wasn't used in the dungeon).
retexture of the pipe model(with solaris prison textures).
retexture of the gold ingot.
retexture of the precious box (material just replaced, to remove the 683ko of original texture).
replaced the snow texture (with the one used in LOG2 mod).
Version 1.48:
removed 42Mb of textures and model to reduce mod size.
reduced the size and retextured the endor and space fighter models.
added a script to clear the error line from the sky system.
modified the goromorg spell, to reduce lag when shooting the meteor spell (the phys_spell does not cast shadow anymore).
retextured the sphere and control_sphere models.

versions: 1.47 to 1.46
Version 1.47:
removed 16Mb of textures to reduce mod size
removed a doublon (2x same material name)
Version 1.46:
correcting some details to improve gameplay
modified some design of levels
added greater potions of health and energy
removed one item
added 1 secret
modified some notes
modified music level
removed monsters in the waste deposit
corrected a bug in a script of the alcove recharger (Minmay)
version: 1.45
modified some design of levels
removed some monster in level 9
removed some sounds in level 22
corrected the difference of the number of secrets and treasures counted in the game and listed in this file (please note that you could not find all secret or treasures if you choose the short ending)
extended the waste deposit
added 4 bracelets
added some notes
modified the prison level
increased the damage ammount of the dragonbane sword
added another music by Lee Rosevere
finished and added a small level
corrected the graphic bug that some walls are represented as doors (on the map)
added a second notebook only to store spells
added 2 fireplaces in the 1st level and added the same particle in other fireplace
modified the glass doors in factory level
modified some signs
added a book that can give the thunderstruck trait
testing (playing) this version
added an improved frost bomb recipe, crafted with ice leezard teeth
now all warden can drop an energy item
added a freeze gun
added some new potions, give health, resurrect (Isaac source), resist poison, cure
added a script by Isaac, to give a bonus on the major axe weapon
primal shield, fire staff, and dragonbane can now be forged on altar
added the tome of ranger by Akroma (change class to ranger class)
corrected a crash and a script of the forge altars (Allanius2)
version: 1.44
Quickly published this version because I noticed a bug in a stair. The player can be stuck while using it.
added the notebook by John Wordsworth
added the tome of memories by Jgwman
modified the design in the hangar and spacedock levels
corrected a bug in a stair, between level 5-8
version: 1.43
modified some details in some levels
modified a riddle
added 7 treasures
removed a sign and an unlimited snail spawn
modified a secret in level 7
modified a weapon
added a set of tools to craft bombs
added a medikit
added 2 items and removed 2
modified characteristics of some items
removed some waterskins and food
extended level 40 into level 39
added 1 secret
added 1 item and one recipe to craft it
playing/testing the mod to improve it
added some 3d models (industrial machine object) by Odinsball
modified the level 39
modified some details after player feedback
added 1 sword to craft (major weapon for a swordsman)
added 3 armor pieces to complete the adamantite armor set (Germanny's lyte item, helmet, greaves and boots, from dungeon master items)
added 1 armor piece to complete the adamantite armor set
added 1 armor piece to complete the elvish armor set
added 1 item with a script both by Isaac and Minmay
modified 4 items with a script by Isaac
moved some secrets and major weapons.
added a new treasure (diamond)
removed the high temple wall set to reduce amount of textures
version: 1.42
English correction by Minmay
modified some details in some levels
deplaced some secrets
added a new treasure
added 28 treasures
modified 3 riddles needed for 2 secrets
modified level 6
modified a secret in level 26
modified a bug in level 24
version: 1.41
removed a bug with ornate keys
removed some monsters
added a crafting recipe for making a firestaff
modified some monsters, removed immunities, Theraeonan mage now cast a spell with physical damage, depending on their level. That was done because at a certain level the party starts to be immune to most magics.
.:See end of this post for old versions history:.

Important tips:

Save often, play the game in normal or hard mode (advanced player), with a new party.
As the fights can be very hard (specially near the end), I suggest that "beginner" players start the mod in easy difficulty with a level 5 party at least.

I have integrated the quick action bar by JohnW.
You can use a hotkey to use healing or energy potions. But you will not be able to use other "upgraded" healing or energy potions. I have ask to JW, he thinks this is not possible, because of all datas around potions are hardcoded. So at this time you can only drink basic potions with the hotkey.

Far in the game, you will discover some special device, like forge altar, you will have to place some items on this altars. Please put the correct number of item or you will loose the other items. e.g: if you put 5 special ores while you need only 4 special ores, you will loose the 5th special ores. Or if you put any other item that is not necessary, you will loose it.

You can find two specific tomes: One teaches you how to become a ranger, it also change your existing skills with the armors, swords, axes, spellcraft and fire magic skills. If you have already used your skill points, don't use the tome until you find the 2nd specific tome: the tome of memories. This tome also give you back your skill points, so you can reuse them, to rebalance your skill points or before using the ranger tome.

Eleven Warrior
Banaora (finished)
Leewroy (finished)

Download link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/u4g6aetvv964t ... 9.rar?dl=0


Deep temple wall set by Daniv
Dungeon master wall set by Germanny
Frozen temple wall set by Daniv
High temple wall set by Daniv
Mine of malan vael wall set, some mine stuffs and script by Phitt
Solaris prison wall set by Daniv
Some wall from Dark temple wall set by Daniv
Southern temple wall set from Merethif
Yuleland wall set from Skuggasvzeinn

3d models:
A lock from the Keys And Locks Collection by LordYig
Broken temple pillar by Skuggasveinn (What a surprise! Found in the forum while searching another things)
Boulder mod from Boulder Projectile by Pat Ferguson
Carpet models by Germanny
Cozy dungeons by Phitt
Custom tapestries by Merethif
Desk Object for LoG by Germanny and Buzzj
Flooded Dungeon by Skuggasveinn
Glass wall by Asteroth6
Glass Walls And Secret Doors by LordYig
Grimrock bed by Germanny
Dungeon clear ceiling wall set and some modified dark temple wall set with tall pillar, by Komag from the Masterquest (original wall set by Daniv)
Ornate pillar by IzaacGizmojunk
Some object of Sokoban Boulder by AdrTru
wall plaques by John Wordsworth
Pipes by soenke c. "warby" seidel (www.tf3dm.com)
Endor battlecruiser and justice ship by Herminio Nieves (www.tf3dm.com)
Rescue sphere by Mohofoz (www.tf3dm.com)

custom items:
Black armor set from Pandafox
Books and Runebooks mod from Mutman
Chitin gloves by Radar6590
Dungeon master custom assets by Germanny
One item of the Adventurer Food Supply by LordYig
Oriental Weapons Pack by John Wordsworth
Laser gun by Germanny
Laser gun by Ryeath Greystalk
Longsword of Embers by Radar6590
Ranger and lion shield by Merethif
Rocket launcher by JohnWordsworth
Rocket particle by Maneus
Some orb model from the Legacy of Llylgamyn mod by Michael Slack
Some stuff from Akroma assets by Akroma222
Throwing hammer from Merethif
Thunderbow by Pandafox

Beholder monster by Leki
Cultist monster by Tursas
Dragons monster v1_1 from FrEEsiD
Human bowman by Leki
Marble Goromorg by Daniv
Skeleton warrior blood guard by undeaddemon
Soul scavenger by Asteroth6
Swarm by AdrTru

dx_sky_system(beta) by Diarmuid
LOG Framework by JKos
Quick Action Bar by John Wordsworth
Two script taken from Mine of Malan Vael by Phitt
Some scripting tricks by Komag from the Masterquest
Useful script repository by Grimrock Community
Thanks to all in the forum who have helped me to do some scripts despit I hate scripts and programming things!

Mine of Malan vael earthquake, volcano, steam and horror sound
One sound of the Legacy of Llylgamyn mod by Michael Slack
Sounds from http://eng.universal-soundbank.com

Dark temple, deep dungeon and shining ambient, from Masterquest by Komag
Cellar_ambiente from Dungeon Master wall set by Germanny
Some musics from Ultima Underworld 1 and 2 by George A. Sanger and Dan Schmidt
Dungeon Master firestaff music (Dungeon Master Super NES / Super Famicom version)

Open source musics from the sites:
http://www.nosoapradio.us by DST AKA Night Driver:
Intouch - Dummy
Spinefish - Embrace me
Spinefish - My humble tiranny
Lee Rosevere - Nearly there metal machine music remix
Lee Rosevere – Ice Chimes
Lee Rosevere - Red Danube
Lee Rosevere – Post Apocalypse
Jan Morgenstern - A door opened

Grim Shit - Acting out
Scourge INTRO by Pal Zoltan Illes
Medieval by Miguel Herrero
Pride by Miguel Herrero
Swashing the buck by Celestial Aeon Project

Pirates of the Caribbean reprise by Keyboardplayer on a Yamaha Tyros 4 keyboard
(agreement of his author)

GMT and atlas tool kit by JohnWordsworth
LoG GUI QuestJournal by msyblade
Quick action bar by JohnWordsworth
Some particles by DesperateGames
English correction by Minmay
Item scripting help for armor part and a bracelet both by Isaac and Minmay
notebook by John Wordsworth
tome of memories by Jgwman
Special thanks to: LoG team, grim rock nexus, all Grimrock community forum for helpful "how to do", to all 3D/modders who make so nice mods and stuffs for others.
Old versions history:
version: 1.40
modified some details due to players feedback
modified lvl 25 (adding some props)
added 3 musics
added 1 secret and 13 treasures
modified lvl 13, 14 16 and 51
removed some sounds
removed some monsters
modified the dragon monster
added 2 endings, the mod can be finished into 2 ways. A long play of 54 levels, or a short play with 24 levels.
version: 1.39
modified level 4 (extended to another level and added 2 secrets)
modified level 43
modified some details due to players feedback
resolved a texture issue of 2 amulets
added 5 musics
version: 1.38B
Small fix for 2 issues after player feedback
version: 1.38
First public release:
Adedd some sci-fi models
Added 5 short levels
Extended the level 23
Added some particles
Added 1 secret
Removed some monsters (tester feedback)
Added bubbles, combustion, laser, computer and some sci-fi sounds
Added some textures
Reduced the size of some textures, re-exported a lot of textures in gimp and reduced the mod size of about 170Mb (less textures)
Added the quick action bar by JW
Added wall plaques by JW
Added soul scavenger monster by Asteroth6
Added a anvil based on the solution of Maneus
Added a shield to complete an armor set
version: 1.37
Third release:
Modified a sound (tester feedback)
Modified a monster (tester feedback)
Extended the level 23 into level 24, and added one secret to level 24.
Modified the level 23
Added exterior scenes in the level 19
Added some floor textures
Added blockers in level 4 (tester feedback)
Modified some details of special riddles.
Modified a book
Lowered the difficulty in the end (tester feedback)
Modified the bossfight end scene and added some sounds
Added 3 particles by DesperateGame on the level 24 and 25
Added 3 "invulnerables" monster in the level "hangar", to avoid that the player kills them. (tester feedback)
Added 2 secrets
version: 1.36
Second release after testers feedback
Corrected a bug of infinite respawning monster
Corrected some graphic bugs
Added the marble goromorg
Added 1 secret
Added 3 musics, deleted 2
Modified some details
version: 1.35
First release fully playable.
added 1 level to extend one, with 2 secrets.
fixed some last bugs, and adding some monsters to adjust difficulty on the last levels.
version 1.34
added 3 water fountain, to add some decoration in 2 rooms.
fixed another bug, connection between a secret button and a door.
modified some room, stairs and wall.
version 1.33
added 4 customs items, elven boots, golden axe, glass axe and ebony axe (major weapon for axe skills), the axes were done because there was not a powerful axe, for ending fight, if the player got a warrior, and choose to develop his axe skill.
added dungeon master wallset, one new level with dm wallset instead of a simple room, to gain the firestaff. A level 45 spellcraft skill item.
fixed some bugs, like unlimited respawning monsters
version 1.32
this is the mod iI have tested and finished until the end. even the ending cinematic works wohooo, I'm proud of me :D

I'll pass on the details of the other version, which I don't even remember as I have constantly modified this mod.
Let says simply: Current version is 1.42, because there was 42 exports of the dungeon.
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Re: [MOD] Toorum's Dungeon

Post by bongobeat » Mon Jun 17, 2013 8:15 pm

Second update:
*modification of some details
*added custom monsters, more powerfull than existing one
- ogre cloned to cave ogre
- spider cloned to mine spider
- scavenger swarm cloned to mine scavenger, up to 4 monsters per squad
- goromorg cloned to theareonan goromorg (I took this name from a description of some game item)
- added a swarm of theareonan goromorg (2 monsters)
- skeleton archer cloned to a squad of 4 skeleton archer
*some bugs are fixed, and the game is now playable until level 10
*started a new (escape) section after toorum's sanctuary, until entrance level
*finished the entrance of the old temple in level 11 (with high temple wallet from Daniv)
*total modification of the first level
*new screenshots
mhhhh is that english (...as you look around you, you notice...) ?
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Re: [MOD] Toorum's Dungeon

Post by Komag » Mon Jun 17, 2013 10:39 pm

I think it would be better if you fully finish it yourself and test it with a new party yourself before you ask people here to do that.
Finished Dungeons - complete mods to play

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Re: [MOD] Toorum's Dungeon

Post by bongobeat » Tue Jun 18, 2013 9:51 am

You are true and that's I 'm doing actually.
That's how I have changed many things, yesterday night I found a secret room, with nothing in, mhhhhh...what I ve done?
but I think I m not the proper tester, because I know every trap, secret, things...It is going too easy for me.
But in parallel I prefer that one or 2 peoples test some.
The purpose is to find if the game is difficult or not, before I finish it, so I can adjust difficulty, or I will have to restart many things. And this can only done by third party. But there is no need to test all, only the first three or four levels, that would be nice!
It is not so easy for me, if I think that it is or not difficult, I will "turn it hard or easy", but as I know the level... I don't know if it is the real thing to do.
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Re: [MOD] Toorum's Dungeon

Post by leewroy » Tue Jun 18, 2013 1:24 pm

I´d like to test your module, but as Komag said, it would be better finish the levels first, even if during the beta test you have to change stuff.
Besides, I´m playing that huge dungeon made by Lord Garth (70+ levels) and I´m still on level 12, I think. I can finish this dungeon and you finish yours, so I can try it. Deal? ;)

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Re: [MOD] Toorum's Dungeon

Post by bongobeat » Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:41 pm


we have a deal :D

70 levels?

what is the mod name, i like to see that!!! :shock:
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Re: [MOD] Toorum's Dungeon

Post by leewroy » Wed Jun 19, 2013 8:26 pm

That's the dungeon:


Currently on level 17. It's more a hack and slash dungeon, no puzzles at all. (at least so far) :(

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Re: [MOD] Toorum's Dungeon

Post by bongobeat » Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:27 pm

ok thanks, i got it!

a little scary at the beginning :D

i m still in level 2, and the game has crashed after a rest !?

well i have to retry
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Re: Toorum's Dungeon

Post by bongobeat » Sun Jun 30, 2013 9:17 pm


I have some problem with the framework:

i have test my mod on a friend's pc

everytime I use (right click) on a water flask, or notes, the game crash

hre is the error log:

Code: Select all

mod_assets/framework/modules/fw.lua:266: attempt to index field 'item' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
	mod_assets/framework/modules/fw.lua:266: in function 'onUseItem'
	[string "Item.lua"]: in function 'useItem'
	[string "CharSheet.lua"]: in function 'slotClicked'
	[string "CharSheet.lua"]: in function 'draw'
	[string "Gui.lua"]: in function 'draw'
	[string "GameMode.lua"]: in function 'update'
	[string "Grimrock.lua"]: in function 'display'
	[string "Grimrock.lua"]: in main chunk

OS Version 6.1

Number of processors: 8
Page size: 4096
Processor type: 586

Total memory: 6135 MB
Free memory: 3317 MB

Display device 0:
  Device name: \\.\DISPLAY1
  Device string: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 
  State flags: 08000005

Display device 1:
  Device name: \\.\DISPLAY2
  Device string: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 
  State flags: 00000000

Display device 2:
  Device name: \\.\DISPLAYV1
  Device string: RDPDD Chained DD
  State flags: 00200008

Display device 3:
  Device name: \\.\DISPLAYV2
  Device string: RDP Encoder Mirror Driver
  State flags: 00200008

Display device 4:
  Device name: \\.\DISPLAYV3
  Device string: RDP Reflector Display Driver
  State flags: 00200008
I have disabled the framework, both in the ini.lua and in the editor, then the mod works fine.
Did someone got an idea why I got this error?

I got another issue:

I got this message everytime I start the game, or the editor:
warning! [string "ModSystem.lua"]:0: File not found: mod_assets/dungeon_manifest.bin
I didnt have that 2 days ago. what is this dungeon_manifest.bin?
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Re: Toorum's Dungeon

Post by leewroy » Mon Jul 01, 2013 3:03 pm

I´m ready to play your module. when it's ready let me know :)

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