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[MOD] LABYRINTH OF LIES - v3.6 Release

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 7:39 am
by akroma222
2020 update
Hey All,
Just a quick message - apologies for my absence and for not keeping this updated over my time away
(I have been assisting my dad over summer with renovations and research work while he underwent chemotherapy)
In the next 2 weeks I will post a number of console commands that will fix the aforementioned, offending bugs
(Eg, infinite purple crabs spawning, getting stuck without the right key in the Palace / Palace Dungeon etc )
I can not export an updated Labyrinth of Lies at the moment as my PC is chugging along (hasnt been revamped since grimrock 2 was released)... So a list of corrective console commands will have to do until I purchase a new upgraded PC further into the year
Hope you are all well

2019 Update
1. Yes Im definitely still around
If I am not replying to posts in threads then by all means PM me
Ive become quite forgetful and inconsistent with communications
of late so I really dont mind reminders at all :-)

2. I will be releasing an updated version of "Labyrinth of Lies" in the next 4 - 6 weeks
I dont want to delve too deeply into changing the mod as Im currently focused on
(and quite overwhelmed tbh) with finishing the menu Gui work for Legacy of Lies
Feel free to share suggestions, opinions, criticisms and of course, any buggy crashes
I will be drawing upon this thread and and the LoG2 LegacyOfLies thread here:
to decide on changes to be made and creating a list of bugs to squish
Hey Everyone,

Finally version 3.6 is completed!
This will be the last version update as Grimrock 2 is upon us :D

A very special thanks to all the community and beta testers whom have contributed in any way to this project.
And a special mention to Minmay for all the brilliant rewriting and scripting work, Thank you!!!

I hope you all enjoy the mod :D


Labyrinth of Lies features:

Re-textured and entirely new monsters (with new drops, ranged attacks etc)
Each magic skill holds ~20 spells (spells must be learned by reading scrolls)
Many many rune wands to experiment with - each amplifying different spells
Unarmed fists,knuckles, gloves and claws!
All weapons groups receive plenty of new additions
Specialty Ranger equipment (Ranger class)
Specialty Battle Mage equipment (Staff Defense skill)
Specialty Assassin equipment (Assassination skill)
Bone crafting Ritual system - (improve stats and skills with skulls and bones)
Around 270 secrets, 4/5 secret levels, Treasures - rings, canes, coins etc
18 levels - most full map size
Linear game play that then branches into an open dungeon scenario with more freedom late game
New ingredients and new potions
Cursed Equipment with special means to uncurse each piece...
Most of the wall sets the community has to offer have been utilized and mixed together.
Very challenging boss battles that will have you planning weapons and magic very carefully
Lots of notes, books, scrolls and things to read! - helps with the story line...

The credit list for the mod is extensive. I will leave a list of names here but soon I will link up the names to what they have done for the mod.....
A HUGE thank you to Leewroy, Bongobeat, Banaora, Tristanna (who sent me daily/weekly reports! :) ) and also to RMariano, Luigi, Altamour, Numberouane and Noctis.
You guys have helped out so much with the beta testing, I don't know how to thank you (YOUR NAMES ARE IN CAPITALS IN THE CREDITS) ;)
I could never had it play tested it properly by myself any time soon

Also big big credits to: Grimwold, Neikun, Crisman, Diarmuid, Wordsworth, Marble Mouth, Adrageron, Merethif, Batty, Asteroth, Fhizban, flatline, mysblade, Daniv, Komag,
Drakkan, Batty, CrazyGage, Trudel, Jkos, LG and many many more (EVERY ONE IN THE COMMUNITY has contributed in some way).
Without you all, this mod simply would not exist.

And again, a truly massive credit to minmay for the rewriting and fixes he has contributed in the final stages.

Here are some screen shots:

Link to Youtube walkthrough ... 5wfIQLxlKw

This is the nexus link:

Re: [MOD] Labyrinth of Lies (half complete)

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:49 pm
by Batty
I started playing this & it's good! I'm still on the first level, I'm taking my time. This has been thoughtfully designed which is what I like most so far.

You used my adjusted spiderwebs which is clearly a sign of intelligence & master design genius.8-) :roll:

I like how the wall text is constantly BSing you (the title theme - lies). Some simple yet clever puzzles which I like.

One possible bug was the triangle plate area, I stressed it & was able to trap myself between two portcullis (NE corner?) with no way out. Maybe that was intentional. :shock:

Custom ambient music (roland.zwaga from music thread I think) sets a thoughtful, introspective mood.

I will keep playing this for sure!

Re: [MOD] Labyrinth of Lies (half complete)

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2012 2:02 am
by akroma222
Hahaha Batty! Yes, that's definitely what I wanted the use of improved spiderwebs to convey!
(Thanks for the webs, I added them ages ago - and forgot it was you ;) adding you to credits)

I can assure you - The constant wall text BSing continues and continues and continues :D
Sounds like you are playing a recent version with the new music, that is great! Custom music is used through out now...
Troublesome with the plate/gate puzzle - I didn't actually try to stress or break it yet - thank you for reporting that. I will have a look and try to make sure that can not be done in any newer version. :oops:

Very happy that you like it! Keep me posted with your thoughts/suggestions/doomed trappings! ;)

Re: [MOD] Labyrinth of Lies (half complete)

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2012 3:47 am
by akroma222
It has been suggested on Steam workshop by Kyubi-sama that I release a list of the new spells and their runes/skill levels.
I will do this in a spoiler here - if curiosity gets the better of you then spoil away. If you would like a surprise or three then do not look ;)
8 - Fiery Blast (cone)- AB
19 - Ghost Flame (deals physical not fire) - AD
22 - Haste (party buff - speed) - ACE
**24 - Wild Fire (wizards fire - big damage) - ACD
27 - Flame Wind (AOE -2) - ABC
30 - Beserk (party buff - rage) - AFG
**35 - Bale Fire (line) - ABCE
**40 - Soul Blazer (wizards life fire - great damage) - ABCD

10 - Freeze bolt (100% freeze monster projectile) - GHI
16 - Healing - FHI
22 - Shard Blast (cone ice shards) - BGI
24 - .........................................
27 - Vitalize (party buff strength + HP) - HI
**30 - Flash Freeze (AOE-2 freezes) - BCFI
35 -.........................................
40 -..........................................

6 - Feather fall (no damage from falls)- CEG
16 - Arrow Shield (deflects arrows % based on skill) - BCEF
20 - Shock Wave (cone) - CH
24 - Reflexion (party buff- Dex + evasion) - CF
27 - Sheet Lightning (AOE - 2) - BCD
31 - Push Monster (pushes monster 1 space and turns) - CEF
**36 - Chain Lightning (line) - BCDE
42 -.....................................

9 - Magic Shield (party buff protection) - FG
16 - Blades (knife projectile - physical dmg) - CFG
20 - Arcane Plating (party buff protection + magic resistances) - ACEFGI
**24 - Create food - FGH
**27 - Deadly Vapors (AOE -2 poison cloud) - BCG
30 - Whipping Rocks (large rock projectile - physical dmg) - ACFG
35 -...............................................
40 -..............................................

2 - light missile (physical projectile) - D
7 - Bless (party buff - moderate all stats) - H
10 - Darkburst (burstspell, shock dmg) - B
13 - Healing Light - DH
16 - Blood Curse (AOE1 dmgs party to dmg monsters) - BDF
19 - Smite Undead (burstspell -big dmg to undead) - BDH
22 - Dark Missile (projectile - harms/hungers caster - huge damage spell past skill42) - BCDF
**25 - Lifesteal (damages monster, heals caster) - BDEH
30 -................................................
**35 -Transmute Soul (damages party and monsters AOE1, restores party energy) - DEFH

----------------------Staff Defence---------------------------------
2. Magic Arrow (projectile from UW ;) ) - DF
5. Detect Monster (shows monsters nearby) - DFGH
7. Enchanted Blade (party buff - strength + dex) - AGH
10. Staff Armour (party buff - protection) - DFG
13. Staff Healing - DFH
16. Calm Monster (puts all monsters on guard) - DEFI
22 - Hold monster (stops monster) - CDFG
**25 - Repel Magic (party buff - magic resistances) - ACEGI
**30 - Recharge Item (recharges a wand that is not empty) - FH
35 - ...................................................
40 -..........................................
** indicates spells that do not have scrolls in the current half completed game. They will be found in the full version. It is recommended that you do not race ahead and cast scrolls you have not found, but clearly lots of people will hehehe I have removed the Portal spell from staff defense for now as I am concerned about it breaking some puzzles. I will test it more thoroughly before adding it (main purpose is to skip back and forth between levels as there will be a little bit of this late game)

......... indicates spell slots that are yet to be filled. I have ideas on these but nothing concrete yet. They will also be released in the full version. Any suggestions are welcome!

Re: [MOD] Labyrinth of Lies (half complete)

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:53 pm
by Adrageron
Restarted with a new (1.2) version.
I'm at lvl 6 now. At last found a bigger stick for my mace fighter :D
But game crashed when I try to save (may be caused by spellcast, I missclicked runes in last fight and "discovered" new spell. Not sure, what spell - was too busy to read, trying to survive :) )
Here error log:

Code: Select all

grimwold_spell_script: cannot serialize table 'burnd_mon' with metatable
stack traceback:
	[C]: in function 'error'
	[string "ScriptEntity.lua"]: in function 'saveValue'
	[string "ScriptEntity.lua"]: in function 'saveState'
	[string "GameMode.lua"]: in function 'saveGame'
	[string "SaveGameMenu.lua"]: in function 'update'
	[string "GameMode.lua"]: in function 'update'
	[string "Grimrock.lua"]: in function 'display'
	[string "Grimrock.lua"]: in main chunk

Re: [MOD] Labyrinth of Lies (half complete)

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 4:59 am
by akroma222
Hey Adrageron,
Yes there was a problem with the script for burn monster and smite undead. There was a 'local' missing and that crashed the game after you used the spell. Interesting, I was pretty sure I had removed burn monster from the spell lists, as I has another spell to fill the spot.
To get around it: do not cast that spell (it hasn't been included in later versions anyways)
About the maces:
Did you find the knoffer at the start of the 4th map?? Is that what you meant by level 6? - it is confusing sometimes....

Re: [MOD] Labyrinth of Lies (half complete)

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:05 am
by Adrageron
akroma222 wrote: About the maces:
Did you find the knoffer at the start of the 4th map?? Is that what you meant by level 6? - it is confusing sometimes....
Yeah, that one. I use ingame map numeration.

Re: [MOD] Labyrinth of Lies (half complete)

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 4:26 pm
by crisman
Hey there! I had to restart the dungeon because of the update :(
But I've seen it's been improved a lot (treasure chests, new spells, new musics, new areas)
Now I've reached level 4 (2nd level).
My only concern is the magic missile - it's the only new-spell I can use for now -, seems way too OP for a very low skill spell.

Re: [MOD] Labyrinth of Lies (half complete)

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:59 am
by akroma222
Hey Crisman,
how much is the spell hitting for? (light missile I assume)
I had a run with it, seems like a decent amount for a low spell, but it soon becomes not the spell of choice....
Maybe I should change the spell to deal damage based on skill Level?? What do you think??

Re: [MOD] Labyrinth of Lies (half complete)

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 2:18 pm
by crisman
Light missile is dealing 40-50 points of damage to me :D
Criticals can deal 100+ damage.
My personal thought: light missile, since it's a low skill - long range spell should deal very low (also cheap? I haven't checked how much energy it drains) amount of damage, like 15-20, or even less, since the base burst spells deal that amount of damage, sometimes more.
The good thing should be: I see a far enemy, I start shooting at it with the light missile - magic arrow spells. When the enemy it's close, I use burst spells, because they deal more damage.
My behavior right now is using the light missile all the time because it deals a lot of damage.
Another point is that monsters does not have immunities against "spellcraft", so light missile is multi-purpose ;)
And the damage should increase as the skill increase, yes, why not? :D
My 2 cents ;)

PS: I really like the idea of melee weapons for mages! :D