[MOD] Warrior's Challenge

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[MOD] Warrior's Challenge

Post by zalewapl » Tue Oct 30, 2012 6:39 pm

A challenge for all the warriors, rouges and wizards. Pit yourselves against six trials that will test your skills, strength and dexterity. If you prove yourselves worthy you will be allowed to face the Champion of Doom himself.

Steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =105501655
Grimrock Nexus: http://grimrock.nexusmods.com/mods/76

This dungeon is designed for imported parties. Creating new parties is also fine. Any champion who is below level 12 will be promoted to this level at the start of the dungeon. You will face six challenges. Some challenges consist of combats with enemies that have advantage over the party. Others require you to avoid damage. The dungeon offers equipment to choose from at the beginning. You are provided with multiple choices but only 4 keys. The choices you make will decide whether you will be successful or not. Completing each challenge will give you extra key so you can acquire extra equipment.

This dungeon is relatively short. It relies on the challenges itself rather than on adventure and exploration. The estimated max. gameplay time is 1 - 2 hours.

The game will keep score in this dungeon. You start at 15000 points. You never gain points; you may only lose them, so negative results are possible. The more points you keep at the end, the better you were doing during the game. Points are lost when:
- Character receives damage. Amount of lost points equals to damage taken.
- Character dies - minus 1000 points.
The ending text depends on how much points you have remaining at the end.

WARNING: If you drop any of the golden items down a pit then you're basically screwed. Reload.

Changes in version 1.1:
- Reduced amount of slimes in slime maze.
- Slime maze is now closed of and only opens when the party first enters it. This means that party won't get attacked at the very beginning anymore.
- Slightly reduced amount of skeletons in the crypt area.
- Reduced initial starting score from 20000 to 15000.
- End boss is now a bit less healthy.
- 4 different endings have been added in a form of text. Endings depend on score.

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