[WIP] Fhizban's Asset Repository

Talk about creating Grimrock 1 levels and mods here. Warning: forum contains spoilers!
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[WIP] Fhizban's Asset Repository

Post by Fhizban » Thu Oct 25, 2012 7:30 pm

FHIZBAN's ASSET DEPOSITORY for Legend of Grimrock

I like to keep all my Legend of Grimrock contributions
in one place. This thread is the place where i save all links
to current and future LoG assets and mods. Even if this thread
gets buried, it will always be accessible through my signature.

Some of the art (icons, music, sounds, textures, models) was
taken from old computer games. I don't own this art and will
never claim it as my own. This is just a fan project. Please do
not argue copyright, icon quality or icon style with me. Thanks.

--------------------------------------------------------------- [WIP] [Asset] Fhizban's Bestiary

Fhizban's Asset Repository - the place where you find all my LoG contributions:

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