[WIP] "The Hub" - Updated Info

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Re: [WIP] "The Hub" - Updated Info

Post by chaoscommencer » Sun Jan 12, 2014 3:33 am

Thanks for offering! I actually haven't got that far yet, and the dungeon I'm designing for the party is really just one small part of the world the book is set in (I'm not even sure the book will mention it at this point, assuming I ever get back to it). If I do come across any ideas for custom assets though, I'll let you know ;). I've actually spent all my free time over the past week assembling all the assets I thought looked good from this forum, nexus, and steam, and as such have not been able to get much design work in yet.
Working on a dungeon that displays a massive collection of assets while sorting them into convenient reusable plugin format (concept from some of leki's mods). Will contribute some of my own models as well eventually and follow that with custom dungeon.

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