EDITING SUPERTHREAD: links to the most helpful threads

Talk about creating Grimrock 1 levels and mods here. Warning: forum contains spoilers!
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EDITING SUPERTHREAD: links to the most helpful threads

Post by Komag » Wed Sep 19, 2012 2:21 pm

Here is a collection of the most useful threads for learning how to use the Editor:


Modding - full of resources and tutorials from the developers. BE SURE TO READ THIS STUFF
Grimrock Editor VIDEO TUTORIALS - goes through the official docs, plus some other additions

FINISHED DUNGEONS: links to completed dungeon mods - showcase list of good finished dungeons to play
Post your mods - [old] various mods being worked on or completed, other stuff included too
Grimrock Custom Gameplay - "Let's Play" videos of original game and quite a few mods

USEFUL SCRIPTS REPOSITORY - large collection of a variety of useful scripts and how they work
some scripting tricks I've come across - great example of scripting tips with clear examples, incl. bit field
Learning LUA - Daily Lessons! - detailed information about lua code writing and scripting, very informational
Monsters and Scripting - onDie hook, plus an excellent lesson on how functions work
General scripting issues and questions - a few scripting issues and solutions
How to check which item is in alcove? - contains nice details of how certain bits of script work
How to script a starting item for the party - ways to set up starting gear/inventory/notes
Sound script - issues with getting sounds working, including custom sounds
local/global "persistant" variables, in scripts/functions - how persistant variables work, vs local ones in functions
How to make "beginning text" and "ending" text for dungeon? - help setting up cinematic intro/ending
Passing Arguments to Functions between Scripts - how to set up calling specific info from other scripts
Spawn random items from a list? - explains details on lists with a nil item, etc
Problem with spawning (fx), Earthquake, dust - scripting help for earthquake random dust FX
Adding items to a spawned entity - how to set up a monster to drop certain items, addItem(spawn...)
Toorum mode - scripts and poll - resource scripts for accommodating Toorum players in your dungeons
[script]How to make testing easier by scripting - setup to make testing your large dungeon a breeze
Proper End credits - how to set up decent credits to show after your dungeon is completed
A monster needs to tell me where it is! - locating specific monsters in the dungeon
Controlling Looping Sounds System - avoiding looping sounds from playing on other levels, other issues
pressure plates and variables... - how to get useful info from the triggering entity (plate, button, lever, etc)
how to print a full table with shortcut code on one line - useful table, string, and concatenate info
Functions with underscores _ in their name - Use _ to avoid function showing in link drop-down list
Opening LOTS of doors - options and approaches to mass-controlling stuff
Script options to check if party has various items or not - good scripts to search party for items
textinput and buttons, projectile tracking - gui scripts for inputting text and tracking fast objects
Monster spawning monster which spawns monster etc - advanced script work with onDie functions
advanced table HELP! how to reference key pairs from table 2 - table keys and values
Goromorg Shield - how to recreate the Goromorg shield effect with a cloned or new monster
Dungeon patrols - setting up monster patrols in your dungeon

[Wall Set - WIP] Forest Tileset - an extremely awesome new outdoor Grimrock setting
[Wall Set - WIP] Rocky Cavern Wallset - a promising new setting
[Wall Set - WIP] Mine Tileset - a well fleshed-out mine environment
[Wall Set] High Temple - a nice modified Temple graphics wall set
[Wall Set] Northern Dungeon - high quality modified Dungeon wall set
Daniv / Sutekh's toy shop - multiple high quality modified-original tile sets

[WIP] Grimrock Model Tookit - model import/export program (awesome!)
Community Asset Pack (C.A.P.) - downloadable package: a ton of quality custom content ready to "plug n play"
Getting .Models into LoG - simple instructions for getting new models into Grimrock
MONSTERS by Leki - collection of new monsters!
Applying a texture to a custom model - how to do it, simple instructions
Using/Consuming a potion? - setting up a custom "greater" healing potion
Making new art assets (and WIP) - details about models, formats, etc
Tome Library - setup for a collection of custom still books, balanced and ready to go
Fun visuals in the editor - Floating daemon head, settings to block player
The Custom Alcove Thread. (Neikun, Batty and Crisman) - many cool custom alcoves, lightable sconces, etc
New Spells >> show them off here - custom spells repository
Custom Music/Ambience/Sound Thread - custom music tracks to stick in your dungeon levels
help with custom sound - some help with format and other details about sounds, playSoundAt, etc
Custom Door Mods - nice reskinned doors that open in different ways
Make a Statue move horizontally? back/side - how to set up different door directions for objects like a statue
Custom Monster: Meet the Molt! (PLUS 30+ other slimes!!!) - huge collection of reskinned slime monsters
monsters - custom professional modeled and animated monsters, plus wishlist
[Tutorial] Modeling for Grimrock - video tutorial using Blender to alter a game model
[Making Spiders Shoot! - how to set up a spider to use a ranged attack, edit animation event
[Models] New created Models.. - lots of great new objects and items for your dungeons
Wall buttons with new positions - place a wall button nearly anywhere!

Making a Two Level Room - how to use some simple objects to set up a double (or triple or more) tall room
Tricks, Tips, and ideas (without adding code) - various ideas and tips of neat things you can do
Need help understanding timers and counters. - Two buttons pressed fast to open a door
how to "action" when monster dies - open a door only after a monster dies (also some script options for this)
How to create unintended objects - a good list of tricks to pull with walls, objects, pits, etc
Saves compatible with a new version of a custom dungeon? - how save games are affected by mod updates
about optimization - information about how to maintain the best frame rates possible

Scripting cheat sheet - concise listing of all scripting commands, also format examples, very good reference!
Grimrock stats spreadsheet - useful data from the official asset pack
[TOOL] Custom Dungeon Analyzer - provides overview info about your dungeon, experience, difficulty, etc
Good Dungeon Design Principles - a MUST READ for all aspiring dungeon authors!
Free Tools for Modders - various links to programs for models, textures, sounds, etc, free for use
editorIcon = ? - graphical reference chart for all the standard editor icons
Windows 1.3.6 beta - a little dated but this was a major milestone, lots of new features and abilities denoted

General Dungeon Editor glitches and problems - big list of bugs, solutions, problems, fixes, etc
EDITOR Feature Requests (not bugs!) - large list of possible editor improvements we'd like to see
How to change the console activation key - setting a console key, and some other notes
Timer running slow when placed in other levels - explanation and options to deal with game engine optimization

Remake of Wizardry 3: Legacy of Llylgamyn
[SCRIPT] Fireball spinners!
Crushing monsters by closing door
Dungeon Master Remake
EOB1 Custom Levels
[MOD] Eye of the Beholder - Waterdeep Sewers
Special stairs (for DM clones etc)
Dying like in Dungeon Master!
Water guage
Legend of GrimKeep - A Grimrock remake of the 1995 Stonekeep
Black Crypt Mod

Legend of Grimrock Dungeon Editor Wiki - ever growing repository of editing knowledge and info
Steam Group: Legend of Grimrock Dungeon Editor - chat room and helpful info on dungeon making
Finished Dungeons - complete mods to play

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Re: EDITING SUPERTHREAD: links to the most helpful threads

Post by antti » Wed Sep 19, 2012 3:05 pm

This is a good resource for all the beginner modders so I made it sticky.
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Re: EDITING SUPERTHREAD: links to the most helpful threads

Post by Darklord » Wed Sep 19, 2012 3:08 pm

Yes good work Komag, oh and welcome to moderator status! :)

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Re: EDITING SUPERTHREAD: links to the most helpful threads

Post by Xzalander » Wed Sep 19, 2012 3:21 pm

Excellent thread and excellent poster. Keep it up Komag! :mrgreen:

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Re: EDITING SUPERTHREAD: links to the most helpful threads

Post by Montis » Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:45 pm

I was thinking about doing something like this, but was ultimately too lazy. Good job ;)
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Re: EDITING SUPERTHREAD: links to the most helpful threads

Post by cromcrom » Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:29 pm

Thanks a lot komag for the dedicated work, you rock :-)
And gratz for Moderator status indeed :-)
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Re: EDITING SUPERTHREAD: links to the most helpful threads

Post by Komag » Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:35 am

thanks ;)
Finished Dungeons - complete mods to play

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Re: EDITING SUPERTHREAD: links to the most helpful threads

Post by Lmaoboat » Thu Sep 20, 2012 4:17 am

Maybe you should put the map editor steam group and chat in the OP.

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Re: EDITING SUPERTHREAD: links to the most helpful threads

Post by Drachir » Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:54 am

It would be a great if all this was in something like the Lexicon used in Neverwinter Nights, particularly since there are a lot of scripting possibilities and functions (such as the Earthquake one).

I know someone has to write/organise it, but the NWN Lexicon was invaluable in developing mods (to me anyway)

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Re: EDITING SUPERTHREAD: links to the most helpful threads

Post by Bucnasti » Wed Sep 26, 2012 1:22 am

You should include the stat spreadsheet from this thread:


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