EDITOR Feature Requests (not bugs!)

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Re: EDITOR Feature Requests (not bugs!)

Post by petri » Fri Nov 23, 2012 8:36 pm

@LordYig: check out File menu -> Preferences :)

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Re: EDITOR Feature Requests (not bugs!)

Post by Edsploration » Fri Nov 23, 2012 8:48 pm

Looks like I missed a great party yesterday. But I'm excited for the coming features! It sounds like this is being done out of your free time, so thanks a ton petri! :D

I was wondering perhaps we could have a system similar to Dwarf Fortress's "Eternal Suggestion Voting". It's a list of suggestions that anyone can add to, but each person can only vote for 3 ideas (votes can be changed at any time). The most in-demand suggestions float to the top of the list. This would also help organize all the suggestions and coalesce similar ones.

Here is the DF Eternal Suggestion Voting (needs an account on their forums to actually view the suggestion list): http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=24818.0

If this were to be implemented I hope it doesn't put any pressure on AH or make any users of the dungeon editor greedy for features. It's a handy tool, but it's also less personal than this thread, and takes work to actually implement.
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Re: EDITOR Feature Requests (not bugs!)

Post by Isaac » Fri Nov 23, 2012 9:05 pm

Skuggasveinn wrote:
Komag wrote:you could hack the stair thing now I think. Make a custom model that is the stairs, then set a hidden plate to trigger the stair animation, then have a timer set off the teleporter after that. You could even include a party screen particle to do the fade-to-black effect
how do I trigger the stairs animation ?
Right now I have custom stairs that's just decoration class, and when you step into the opening you get teleported (with unseen teleporter), but I feel it breaks the immersion, you go like "what happend, did I go down the stairs or was it a trap etc etc.

AFAIK the stairs are a special case with hard coded behavior; they don't even use the animation system. I was able to create a curved staircase within limits, and it worked, but the actual destination (on the next level), and the animation/movement of the party were both immutable.

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Re: EDITOR Feature Requests (not bugs!)

Post by Komag » Fri Nov 23, 2012 11:44 pm

hmm, well I remember doing a test where I had a stairs down with no corresponding stairs up, and on the lower level I placed an inviaible silent teleporter to a different destination, and it worked seamlessly for me. Not sure about going back up, but could probably do the same in reverse. if you are teleported onto a stairs you don't go up or down them, so you could have the teleporters send the party to the corresponding stair bottom and top to complete the illusion.
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Re: EDITOR Feature Requests (not bugs!)

Post by LordYig » Sat Nov 24, 2012 3:28 am

petri wrote:@LordYig: check out File menu -> Preferences :)
Damn It ! :D
I am so ashamed to have missed that ! :oops:

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Re: EDITOR Feature Requests (not bugs!)

Post by Komag » Sat Nov 24, 2012 4:56 am

just re-read the past few pages, missed that detail about get stat - play time. Wow, nice! That will help in TONS of scripting moments!!! nice ;) :)
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J. Trudel
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Re: EDITOR Feature Requests (not bugs!)

Post by J. Trudel » Sat Nov 24, 2012 5:59 am

I missed a nice party, Petri is awesome. I would buy you a pack of beer if I were living closer !
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Re: EDITOR Feature Requests (not bugs!)

Post by JKos » Sat Nov 24, 2012 4:57 pm

Damn, I missed the party while drinking my own beers and writing scripts. But you guys requested some really nice features so I'm not that disappointed. monster:getLevel() YES! for me this was the most important feature :)

I have couple of requests, but I'm not sure if these are something that can be done in 10 minutes while drinking beer.

Makes the timer to stay in real time all the time no matter which level it's located.

Add similar flags argument to shootProjectile as damageTile has, or at least add some way to define the originator of the projectile for XP rewards.
shootProjectile could also return the spawned projectile entity.
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Re: EDITOR Feature Requests (not bugs!)

Post by StaticZ » Sun Nov 25, 2012 3:28 pm

Some more ideas for improvment:
1. Maybe it was good idea to make ability for replacing original asset data like portraits, custom tiles editor icons, fonts and much more. Some times it can be nessesary especialy it can be used to make local versions of dungeons that used non english language.
2. Add property to define object that describe object group "logic", "items", "props". It wil be also greate if it will posible to add custom groups, now when there are 3 tilesets it's not critical but when they will be more it will become difficult to sort list.
3. When you kill enemy in debug mode by "K" key you don't get expirience, thats make difficult to test level because we need or kill them manualy and spend a lot of time on it or count gaining exp in mind.
4. Auto clean console at starting debug. I don't think someone can need log from old "session"
5. Add more events to be able to easy add scripts to current items, for example event for killing some boss, or barell destroy, secret activeted, teleport used and so on. Also I'll be glade to see changing active state in properties, for example I often need to disable some triger or conuter after some action was made, but to do it i have to add scripts that delete other items, thow it can easily done just by changing property.
6. Add functions to api for disable control (rotation, moving) and manualy change party position and facing. Also it will be nice to add atLook() event to enity that equires when party turn facing to it.
7. Changing x,y,facing properties. Thow it can be make by destroy() - create(), it's seems to me it's not good solution
8. Light level detection - now it's impossible to get any info about lighting but it can be usefule in puzzles.
9. Waypointes and movement delays to be able to set monsters patrol path and speed.
10. My dream is get access to game system like classes, skills and so on. I very hope that it will be possible to add\edit classes and combat system.
11. Add ability to add pull chain for door only on one side - it was one of the first thing wich i was disapointed in editor, but even now I think it will be nice to have such doors ))
12. Add ability to enable reusing lock (now its become disable after unlocking it and there is no any way to change it state back to enable using key twice)

P.S. Where can be found all latest changes? As i understand some feterures was added not ago, but i can't find any updates and info about them....
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Re: EDITOR Feature Requests (not bugs!)

Post by Komag » Sun Nov 25, 2012 9:29 pm

A few of those can be done now:

3: Just make your party super strong! I have a script entity with this code in it (I deleted some parts for clarity)

Code: Select all

--party:getChampion(1):setCondition("haste", 600)
--party:getChampion(1):setCondition("invisibility", 600)
party:getChampion(1):setStatMax("health", 2000)
party:getChampion(1):setStat("health", 2000)
party:getChampion(1):setStatMax("strength", 200)
party:getChampion(1):setStat("strength", 200)

--party:getChampion(2):setCondition("haste", 600)
--party:getChampion(2):setCondition("invisibility", 600)
party:getChampion(2):setStatMax("health", 2000)
party:getChampion(2):setStat("health", 2000)
party:getChampion(2):setStatMax("strength", 200)
party:getChampion(2):setStat("strength", 200)

--party:getChampion(3):setCondition("haste", 600)
--party:getChampion(3):setCondition("invisibility", 600)
party:getChampion(3):setStatMax("health", 2000)
party:getChampion(3):setStat("health", 2000)

party:getChampion(4):trainSkill("fire_magic", 30, true)
party:getChampion(4):trainSkill("spellcraft", 30, true)
--party:getChampion(4):setCondition("haste", 600)
--party:getChampion(4):setCondition("invisibility", 600)
party:getChampion(4):setStatMax("health", 2000)
party:getChampion(4):setStat("health", 2000)
party:getChampion(4):setStatMax("energy", 2000)
party:getChampion(4):setStat("energy", 2000)
4. I definitely would not want auto clean console, no way. I very often want to see the last couple messages before the crash! It helps tremendously with debugging a problem.

12. You could hack it with timed destroy/spawn (I think)
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