RPG with QUESTs game

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RPG with QUESTs game

Post by kantamal » Wed Jun 12, 2019 5:00 am

Are there still people modding for LoG1 here ?
I'm making a quest-like and experience/stuff "farming" style of game and want to know if somebody is interested in joining the team to make an "RPG" game style ?

Don't know much if LoG will be very suitable for that kind of game because of no NPJ interaction (still looking for how I can do that).
I made a kind of money management already : you can buy and sell with gems.
I made some new spells
I already had things like "energy constanly up" without sleeping to make it possible to play without sleeping every 10 spells.
I made few news attacks
attack charge : the party runs fast forward to charge an ennemy far ahead.
back stab : a kind of rogue teleportation back stab hit... the party teleports behind a target (initially in front of it) then stab with a dagger
chain fireball (from Hell :evil: ) : with the evil forces of Lucifer, you cast a serie of spells (kind of like Dragon Ball Z :D )
buying/selling stuff : don't not yet if repair will be useful (or fun) but interesting in a kind of "ever farming" game
quest generation : still in-dev with probable a possibility of "template" of quests
I will probably make one version of the RPG-quest style game in LoG1 then move on to LoG2 for upgraded mapping designing but still don't know if the spells type casting will then be suitable in LoG2...

If somebody wants to try few of those spells (in-dev version), I can put a dungeon test here ^_^
If somebody wants to integrate a "money management" in their mods (using gems for the moment), I can share that too :o... be carefull though : gems are exchange for one to another so it can change your dungeon puzzle ! because blue gems for example can change for green or red ones and disapear :mrgreen:

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Re: RPG with QUESTs game

Post by Pompidom » Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:21 pm

There are quite a few mods like that already. And every mod uses a different payment system :)

I've played plenty of LoG2 mods with custom coins or gem as payment for shops.

Why don't you give them a try as research :)
They're all LoG2 mods

Mods with coins / rpg / quests / npc's:

Eye of the atlantis


And you can always try my [WIP] Blood Moon

Then there are mods that use gems as payment system while offering a more default experience like the base game:

The guardians

Lost city

And I'm sure I forgot about some other mods I can't recall at the moment.

There is also a custom spell pack out there with over 100+ custom fancy spells to use.

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Re: RPG with QUESTs game

Post by Isaac » Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:50 pm

Log2 scripting takes some time to adjust to, but it's quite worth the time investment to learn. It makes complicated game-play scripting a lot easier to implement, than with LoG1. (And there are less hoops to hop through than with LoG1; monster & object instances can usually be altered at runtime, rather than requiring custom definitions.)

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Re: RPG with QUESTs game

Post by kantamal » Mon Jun 17, 2019 1:58 pm

Thank you Isaac and Pompidom ^_^

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