How do I use Scrolls or Spells?

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Re: How do I use Scrolls or Spells?

Post by Encephalon » Thu May 03, 2012 8:58 pm

Xai wrote:One question, i have already 25+ Air Skill and have found until yet (L5) just one Air Scroll.. i have some ??? in my air magic skills for spells, have already 2-3 scrolls for every other magic line but just 1 for Air ^^

Should i just try some combinations to find spells out, or its a scroll for every spell in game?
I think I have found, at some point, scrolls for most (if not all) spells in the game. However, some are located deeper than the required skill would demand.

I discovered one spell quite early myself, just by trying out different combinations. And if you're trying to discover an Air spell, it would naturally require the Air rune. Many of the spells rune combination is quite logical when you discover how they work. However, some spells require four runes to cast, and these may be difficult to find by trial an error. Those are the Enchant Arrow spells, but if you have found one scroll of that kind you should be able to figure out the equalent for each type.

A hint for how rune combinations work, Earth Magic:
Say, the Poison Cloud requires the rune of Earth, as Poison is tied to Earth in LoG. For the Poison Bolt to fly through the air you need the help of the Air rune, thus the spell consists of the two runes Earth and Air.
Another hint, with Ice Magic:
The spell of Ice Spikes are quite nice in my opinion, as it damages all creatures for up to four tiles in front of the party. Naturally the spell require the rune of Ice. As the spikes spring forth from the ground you might guess the spell also requires the rune of Earth, which is correct.
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