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Optimizing your character (s): Stats (SPOILER)

Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2012 4:22 pm
by Bardamu
1st: Mirrors pendant gives 25% more exp. Reach it as fast as possible (level 6))

Most important: grab the following things as soon as possible, cause you will earn more hp and energy each level:

Items raising Vitality:
Huntsman cloak +1 (obtained two times rel. early in game, level 3 and 5)
That's all, so maybe you want to level earth magic, cause it gives Vitality from time to time. It's not the best school of magic, but perhaps you can level two of them.

Items raising Willpower (you can wear two orbs or an orb and a shaman staff)!:
Zhanduls orb +5 (obtained on level 9, secret 4, referring on gamebanshee)
Orb of radiance +2 (obtained on level 6, gives continous light, spellcraft 5 needed)
Shaman staff +2 (also boosts the damage of earth magic, obtained in level 7, spellcraft 7 needed)
Conjurers hat +2 (obtained on level 5)

For later the items that raise the other stats:

Raising strength:
Pit fighter gauntlets +2 (obtained on level 9, secret 2)
Shield of Valor +2 (level 6)
Circlet of war +3 (obtained on level 9 on the ground, ice lizard area)
Bracer of fortitude +1 (Level 5 - Found in secret alcove while traversing western pit room.
• Level 7 - Found in alcove within pit chamber. )

Raising dexterity:
Pointy shoes +1 (obtained on level 2)
Flairfeather cap +2 (obtained two times, level 4 and in the treasury level 9)

Raising resistances:
Shield of Valor +20
Shield of the elements +15 (obtained on level 10, secret 3)
Tome of fire (usable item) +10 one time (level 6 in the treasury)
Fire torc (head) +50 (obtained on level 7)

Shield of the elements +15 (obtained on level 10, secret 3)
Serpents bracer +50 (obtained two times, level 3 and ...)

Shield of the elements +15 (obtained on level 10, secret 3)

Shield of the elements +15 (obtained on level 10, secret 3)
Nomad mittens +5 (level 3)
Nomad boots +5 (obt. on level 2)
Frostbite necklace +50 (obtained on level 6)

Reach level 6 as fast as possible and grab the Mirror pendant, the orb of radiance, the huntsman cloak(s) and the shaman staff.
Level up a bit and then go from time to time deeper, to reach Zhanduls Orb for +5 willpower.

Should be complete now.

Re: Optimizing your character (s): Stats (SPOILER)

Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2012 9:54 pm
by Bardamu

Re: Optimizing your character (s): Stats (SPOILER)

Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2012 11:31 pm
by Bardamu
Look for good grinding spaces in this thread:


Re: Optimizing your character (s): Stats (SPOILER)

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2012 9:54 am
by Bardamu
On my Toorum run i put all the points in earth magic, to raise my vitality to 21. After that i'll share them between spellcraft (+willpower) and axes.

I'm finished with level 5 and it works well. Skeletons need a little more time to kill.

On level 6 i first grabbed the spirit mirror pendant (+25% exp)

Next targets are the shaman staff (level 7, +2 will and more earth damage) and the orb of radiance (level 6, +2 will).

Grinding a little bit, and then level 9 for Zhanduls orb (+5 will).

Btw: The Ugguards are sensitive to poison damage :)

Re: Optimizing your character (s): Stats (SPOILER)

Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2016 4:44 pm
by Severian
In Legend of Grimrock on IOS:

Holding a stat-improving item (like Orb of Radiance or Conjurer's Hat) does not appear to change how much energy your character gets when it levels up. I just tested this, leveling a human fighter over and over with and without Orb and Hat, and the number of base energy points gained was the same - in a random range between 2 and 4 points - regardless of whether I equipped the items.

I assume the same is true with vitality. Equipping vitality-enhancing items when leveling probably does not change how many hit points you gain a level.