The Rogue Party

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Re: The Rogue Party

Post by muun » Tue Apr 24, 2012 8:40 pm

OK, second time through with 4 rogues and a variation on the theme.
I changed the unarmed FRR to be 2 pts in dodge, for the +5 evasion, then everything else in unarmed. He was more fragile than the dagger guy for the first few levels, possibly because I kept giving the dagger guy all the good gear. I did give the unarmed guy the first skill book (found on L4), and all was good after that. Plus, he's gotten the Lurker gear as it's shown up. Here's an anecdote from character level 10, dungeon level 8:

I screwed up. I found a couple of frost arrows in the main hallway, just before the gate to where the ogres and Uggardians are. Needing to disenchant them, I thought I'd just shoot one of the ogres and run back to the room where I found the arrows. That would give me time to reload and be ready to ambush the ogre. Well, it started out OK, I shot the ogre and ran back to switch switch ammo (one of the BRRs), and the ogre followed. Shit! I had loaded up quarrels, not arrows! Well, no problem. I'd just dance around while I reloaded. Oh noes! A Uggardian had followed the ogre, and I was in a corner with flame boy on one side and ogre in my face. Dammit! OK, I'll just reload my last save, I guess .. let's see how long they last though.

So I did nothing but feel guilty as my first three party members died, all but the unarmed guy, then I decided to hell with that and started fighting back. To make a long story shorter, I won. Yes, toe to toe, no dancing ... unarmed guy versus ogre, a slightly damaged ogre, but not very. And flame boy? Oh yeah, with 30 dex, I'm immune. With 100 evasion and 3 protection, I wasn't entirely unhittable, but I had more than 25% health left when the smoke cleared. And a health potion that I never had to use. Yes, very happy with this guy. Unarmed rocks.

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