Level 6, Timed Secret, Sword of Nex

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Re: Level 6, Timed Secret, Sword of Nex

Post by Kirill » Sat Jan 09, 2021 11:26 am

PSY wrote:
Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:09 am
TomDeMy wrote:food...i have food...and overloaded..... what should i take away?..i think i need that stuff.... eating... thanks for the tip
You're welcome.
When you carry too much stuff, you are overloaded. A little snail will show up on your character portrait. You will move SLOWER!
Just skimmed through your inventory.
There's a bunch of stuff you can get rid of because it's useless for you considering your skill tree / specialization.
Also eat those Burrow Rat Shanks first. They weigh 3.0 kg each ^^

Here's what you can dump:
-Sandmole Hide Vest
-Leather Pants x2
-You seem to be skilling on Assassination. Get rid of your short bow, crossbow and all arrows / quarrels
-You are carrying 9 rocks. Damnit. Get rid of some ^^
-Leather boots
-Leather gloves
-Legionary spear. Your rogue already got one equipped
-Whitewood wand. The thing weighs 3.5kg. That's not worth the extra 5 energy. You'll find something better soon. And you already have the Orb of Radiance equipped

And put at least 16 points into Armors with your Minotaur. Poor guy is carrying 5 heavy armor pieces, giving him a -39 evasion penalty because he fails the Heavy Armor Proficiency skill.

There is no difference having -39 evasion or +10 evasion, at least on hard.
So giving Armor skill is a trap.

Even if you go for evasion, you should avoid Armor too, since you want Lurker.

In LoG2 armor is also useless, protection is weak. Not worth it, so you can safely stay with -evasion, you will get hit anyway with +evasion or -evasion unless you heavy spec in evasion.

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