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Re: Uninstalled It

Post by Darklord » Fri Aug 10, 2012 4:57 pm

petri wrote:Have you tried Descent Journeys In the Dark board game? We have been playing it here at the office and we like it a lot, it's like a Heroquest v2.0. The 2nd edition of Descent just came out and it's even better.
Well you know that's one of the only Dungeon games I never picked up, I was tempted but I'd heard it was quite similar to DOOM, and I wasn't so keen on it. That being said 2nd ed has to be tempting! :D There's just something about dungeons that I find really awesome, I have so many found memory's of dungeon games on both computers and board games.

I actually have a copy of the original Dungeon board game, which I first played when I was very young,


Warhammer Quest is also a personal fave of mine, it has a fantastic campaign system! :)

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Re: Uninstalled It

Post by jontycampbell » Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:14 pm

wolfkampf wrote:
Arctor wrote: As for the topic at hand, I am perceiving - of late - this bizarre sense of entitlement coming from gamers (and I do not aim this comment at you). My advice for those having trouble with LOG's timing/dexterity puzzles: Get over it. You suck. It happens. You can't be GOOD at every game that's ever released. Either work at it, and get better, or if your computer is the problem - get a new computer. These are basic lessons, and they are easy to live by.
In an global economy that's in the toilet you suggest people should upgrade their computers? You also ignore people that simply do not have quick reflexes (older gamers, handicap players or people that enjoy RPGs over "twitch" games because their reflexes aren't great despite whatever age group they belong to).

Fanboy responses that simply ignore criticism do not translate to profits. From a business perspective, it is best to think toward how the game can appeal to the widest audience as possible without sacrificing the integrity of the product.

For the record, I think a means to adjust timed puzzle speed would be great.
Putting it another way, 80-90% of the video gaming community are able-bodied, my hemiplegia disability means I can only practically use my right sided limbs and hand/fingers in any full practical sense. I lack gross or fine motor control of my left limbs. This means I cannot run, juggle, walk, jump or dance.

Despite all this, do I THEN expect console makers to accommodate me or disabled gamers? No, that's just 'way it goes'. Any market has to be aimed at its majority customers, that's where the profit is. However in saying that, the ability to plug in a mouse or joystick peripheral for games would be nice.

Upgrading computers is not needed, simply 'upgrade' your computer by *downgrading* what you demand of it: buy older titles - there's a wealth of imaginative, engrossing, well written and lovingly crafted thoughtful adventures available at super cheap prices, and they are guaranteed to fly on basic computers.

There are many low cost and/or free computer housekeeping ways to improve upon what you have, or certainly don't hurt:
Using a 4GB thumb drive for Readyboost
making your swapfile a fixed amount
Maxing out RAM
Regular use of CCleaner/Windows Disk Cleanup
Getting a bigger, faster hard drive
Ensuring you have the latest drivers for stuff
Regular Defragmentation of disks
Investing in an ultra-high DPI laser mouse and good mousemat also helps improve the time & motion part of using computers.
Taming Windows Services (Google uber geek Blackviper for this)
Cleaning out startups on the taskbar
Use Soluto

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Re: Uninstalled It

Post by Gudadantza » Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:02 pm

About the original idea of the topic, my point of view is that the dislike of some players about the time based puzzles or semiarcade scenes is not related to the impossibility for acomplish them, the majority of that kind of puzzles in Grimrock can be solved in a couple or more tries with some observation; in any case something much more friendly than in other old games, more clues and less unfair play .

The real reason is that the user dislikes them possibly because he does not perceive them fun according to the fun other brain based puzzles in game gives. So at the and in retrospective the player consider one type of puzzles unworthy and thinks that if the game would have had less arcade type puzzles could have been even better.

Just my experience and point of view.


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