RPG resumes here

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RPG resumes here

Post by Azel » Fri Nov 13, 2015 10:39 pm

I'm just probing for the background some of you have with RPG's in general.

I'll go first:

1) The first RPG I ever played was Final Fantasy 1

2) My most memorable RPG moment:
Spending 4+ hours trying to get our gear back from a room full of Succubus in Diablo I (hell difficulty)

3) Most played single player RPG's:
Final Fantasy 1, IceWind Dale, Diablo 2

4) Favorite MMORPG of all time: Dark Age of Camelot (played this for 5 years)

5) Favorite RPG character ever created: Midgard Savage in DAoC

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Re: RPG resumes here

Post by TinyZu » Sat Nov 14, 2015 12:43 am

Fun threads~

1) Technically, Pokémon is an RPG, so Red and Blue were my first. The interest already died off in gen 3 though.
1 MKII) The more cookie cutter RPG that comes to mind was Tales of Symphonia. Kinda late to the party I guess.

2) Most memorable moment: Nothing because my memory is arse.
If you want to be generous and call Dark Souls an Action RPG, I did a bow-only-no-lock-on run and a few OpieOP-early runs. That was fun~

3) Most played single player RPG(s):
Obviously Tales of Symphonia. Fallout 3 + Vegas and Borderlands 2 + especially 1 if you count those hybrids. Again, Dark Souls 1 and 2 (more hybrids). I guess Skyrim and Oblivion kinda, but I wanna say No because the combat system is really underwhelming, so not as much time in comparison. Not sure about Grimrock 1 and 2, but probably a good 100 hours together.

4) Favorite MMORPG: None.
I only tried out Runescape a bit way back in the day, but that's it. The rest doesn't classify because it's either lobby based or a different genre.

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Re: RPG resumes here

Post by cromcrom » Sat Nov 14, 2015 8:52 am

1) first PnP was Dungeon and dragons (the basic one. Door, monster, treasure. Yaye :-) ) I game mastered Middle earth role playing game (the ICE one), and focused on Pendragon (the Chaosium one). On PC, well, the very first ones. I was born prior to them, so... :-)
2) Finishing Baldur's gate 2 maybe. Co-op with a very good friend on Icewind Dale. Discovering the "second layer" of godly skills in "beyond divinity", and the skeleton joke is a Classic ^^
3)Baldur's gate 2 maybe.
4)Favorite MMORPG: I played WOW a lot, LOTRO a very lot, to the point of having a good tank. So I would say LOTRO, for the stories.
5) Personal Mods entry: I hugely modded NWN2 (created a PW-"Frontières"), Did a few mods for Skyrim (but couldn't understand some scripting concepts), I hugely modded Mount and Blade Warband ("Rigale"), I created quite a big mod for LOG1 (as far as systems go, "the lost continent"), I created a mod for Civ4, but due to lack of some skills, couldn't really push on this one.
I am always dissatisfied with RPG systems and world interactions, so the urge to recreate them :-)
A trip of a thousand leagues starts with a step.

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Re: RPG resumes here

Post by Azel » Sun Nov 15, 2015 6:10 am

So I'm currently playing Pillars of Eternity and liking that very much. But then I got distracted with Wizardry 8 !! Wizardry is one of those games that just passed me by, mostly because of how much time I spent dedicated to MMORPG's:

1) DAoC
2) WarHammer Online
3) Shadowbane
4) Star Wars the Old Republic
5) Age of Conan

Honorable mentions go to: World of WarCraft, Aion, Final Fantasy Online.

As far as Elder Scrolls go, I fell in love with Morrowind. Although it was so lengthy that I only played through the entire game once (including expansions).

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Re: RPG resumes here

Post by leewroy » Sun Nov 15, 2015 5:53 pm

1) I think 'wonder boy in monster world' counts (genesis game)

2) Beating the final boss on the game above.

3) I think it's legend of grimrock. Seriously. Not the main game only, but considering it and the dozens of hacks I played, beat anything els by far.

4) I don't like to play MMORPGS, so I can't really tell.

5) I think my prefered is Lynx from Chrono Cross (ps1 game)

EDIT: Well, how could I forget this. Raiders of the lost ark for atari 2600. THIS was the first RPG I played.

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Re: RPG resumes here

Post by Ixnatifual » Thu Jan 07, 2016 7:57 pm

1) The first RPG I ever played was either Times of Lore or Secret of the Silver Blades. Unsure which, but it was on a friend's computer. The first RPG I owned myself was Faery Tale.

2) My most memorable RPG moment:
I have many memorable moments, but one that comes to mind quickly is Karnax and Xenka's magical duel in the beginning of Ultima VII: Serpent Isle.

3) Most played single player RPG's:
Diablo 2, Neverwinter Nights, Ragnarok (an old Roguelike also known as Valhalla), Ultima VII: The Black Gate and Ultima VII: Serpent Isle.

4) Favorite MMORPG of all time:
World of Warcraft. Before it became bad.

5) Favorite RPG character ever created:
Perhaps my Orc Warlock in World of WarCraft.

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